"Hats Off . . . "

Good times with Christine Kohut


Here at SMW Home, we always love a good party - and what better reason to celebrate than the conclusion of The Design Influencers Conference here in San Francisco.  Purcell Murray was our host along with California Home + Design - and myself and several other designers competed to host the best cocktail!  As usual, we were inspired by a glorious British Summer and served an Earl Grey Martini . . . 

But, let's get to the question that is likely burning a hole in your brain.  Possible the very reason that you've clicked on my post.  The thing that inquiring minds clearly need to know . . .

What the hell am I wearing on my head . . . ?

Well, it's actually a lovely British tradition. During Eton College's "4th June Celebrations" each summer, members of the rowing team process down the river.  At a certain point in the procession, the crews of each boat stand and raise their flower adorned boaters to cheers the Monarch, the school, and the memory of George III whilst shaking the flowers from their boaters into the river.

And just in case you think I'm kidding . . .  

 A big thank you to Rowing Blazers for the incredible patchwork madras blazer . . . the perfect accompaniment!



Merlin said…
It is "picture perfect!"! franki

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