09 January, 2020

"Sussex International . . . "


Well, good heavens.  This week has been a bit of a hectic one indeed.  On the good side, SMW Home launched a huge warehouse sale . . . and it continues today - check it out.

On the down side, it was announced from London that TRH The Duke of Sussex and The Duchess of Sussex are re-imagining their roles within the British Royal Family and likely spending half the year as private citizens to balance their public roles supporting HM The Queen and The Crown. Honestly, I'm not certain how this is going to all work - but even in the current family, there are more heavily scheduled royals and lesser-scheduled royals.  Since this is all new territory - I'm fairly certain that no one really knows what the next steps will look like.  We'll need to wait and see.

All facts and speculation aside though, the outpouring of vitriol and condemnation on social media was sadly disheartening - and almost exclusively aimed at Meghan (as though HRH Prince Harry has no agency within his own life!).  Numerous people seemed to think they know the private thoughts of Harry and Meghan - and a few bold folks decided that they could also speak for HM The Queen.  Whilst my head was cooler - I just decided it was best to just block people incapable of civility and adult interaction.  

I certainly wish the family well . . . both the Royal Family and the Sussex family.  The British Royal Family has survived much greater crisis than this . . . and I expect it will all sort itself out in the end.

Good luck to all!


1 comment:

tammy j said...

well said. and agree.
brings to mind the old quote about judging without walking in the other guy's shoes. people who know absolutely nothing of the different stresses involved always feel free to chime in... mindlessly and insensitively. thanks for your own cool head here!

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