01 November, 2019

"Irreplaceable . . . "


One of the highlights of last week's adventures in High Point North Carolina took a decidedly tabletop point of view!  Replacements had been gracious enough to provide the table service for our Dining Room at the Junior League Showcase House - and we were offered a private tour of their facility in Greensboro to see where all the magic happens . . .

So . . . away we go . . .  

Ok y'all.  This is one aisle.  In one warehouse.  And we kept making Indiana Jones jokes for almost the entire time we were there.  I did honestly ask if there was a monorail system to help get everyone around . . . lol.  

Alas no.  But, I was awestruck none the less!  As a huge proponent of dressing one's table to its best advantage - this was a marvelous experience.  China from the 50's.  And the 1850's.  All stacked and organized and ready to ship to your table for the holidays!

Of course, there was an 'exit through the gift shop' . . . and I stumbled across some Spode pieces that I had never even seen before.  Some serious shopping is clearly going to be in my immediate future! 

 If you have specific queries - they have a fully-staffed call center to help find what you're looking for!  Just give them a call and let them know what you need! 

And then off they go . . . just on the left past the Ark of the Covenent . . . and off it will ship to your own table.  Indiana Jones will be billed separately. 



Merlin said...

I've used "Replacements" and they are wonderful to work with! franki

Cackie said...

I've actually been to Replacements several times and it is truly mind-boggling. As a chinaholic and silver lover, my tongue was hanging out with the first five minutes. Their museum section is incredible. Thank for sharing the pics of the warehouse - amazing. Cackie ©Glittermoon

Jeannine520 said...

Replacements has been a very important resource for me over the years, I've used them more times than I can count.

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