"Neutral Territory . . . "


As many of you know - I'm a sucker for a brightly patterned textile or a lushly layered room . . . but, don't make the mistake of thinking that that is all we do here at SMW Design.  I love working on projects that (at times) that at times restrain my flashier impulses and play in the sandbox of a tight colour story.

Often, all one needs is a couple of miles of
ivory linen and a gloriously placed
antique dining table surrounded on 
three sides with the most lovely
antique paned windows.  A simple colour palette
and some dramatic flowers can make an
afternoon brunch amazing.

'Project Persimmon' became this home's
nickname very early in the process.
It was an amazing shade - and the client
REALLY responded every time I brought
something over in the dramatic hue.
This charming little entryway shows the 
colour off SO well!

More Persimmon. More Ikat.
The perfect floorcovering.
All combined to make the 
most amazing living room - stylish,
but super comfortable and sturdy.
Sometimes, a giant leather chesterfield
is just the right answer - even in a space 
that doesn't feel masculine.

Just such a great combination of influences
here.  American, Italian, British, and French
antiques all sitting comfortably together.

Lordy, but don't I love this little
moment in the living room.  I actually
clapped with delight as we began to layout out
these pieces and hang artwork.

Sometimes it ALL just comes together.
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