08 May, 2019

"Royal Family Ties - Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor . . . "


It's been an exciting couple of days for my fellow royal family watchers this week.  The Duchess of Sussex went into labour earlier in the week - and seemed to have her first child almost immediately.  And then things started turning ugly.  (well, they've been ugly for quite some time . . . )

Folks complained about the grammar used on the official announcement placed in front of Buckingham Palace.  As though the palace needed feedback from the comment section of FB on how to do their jobs.  When would we see the child?  Why had we not ALREADY seen the child?  What would it be named?  There's also a swarm of nonsense about the couple - and the most nonsensical was the theory that she's never been pregnant - and has been faking these last nine months - and was using a surrogate.  Well . . . that's actually NOT the most ridiculous, but so much of what I have read about HRH Prince Harry's family doesn't bear repeating.

But - I actually want to touch on another topic.  We Americans export such an enormous amount of pop-culture to the rest of the world - we often make the mistake of assuming that other cultures don't have their own points of reference.  So, no.  The newest member of the royal family is not named after either a 1970's cartoon character or noted bigoted television show.   "Archie" is a fine, historic Scottish name . . . and is well-used in the UK these days.  It means 'bold' or 'brave' - and might actually be derived from being one of 'the archers' - who would be the last line of defense for a castle before the enemy breached the walls.  "Harrison" literally means 'son of Harry' - so how much more perfect could that be.  "Mountbatten-Windsor" is the surname of the family for those members who do not have an "HRH" designation.  (It's a bit more complicated than that - but, those are the highlights.)

It will be exciting to see how wee Archie interacts with his famous cousins George, Charlotte, and Louis.  But for the moment - I'm delighted that the birth was uneventful and that the entire family seems well.  The delight I see in his great-grandparent's eyes is a clear signs that he will be surrounded with love.


PS.  Unkind remarks about any member of the Royal Family are not likely to be tolerated here.  That's just the way things are in my little corner of the internet.  


Notes From ABroad said...

"Archie" is not an "aristocratic "sounding name . It's more of a nickname..the Queens eyes must have been rolling like crazy LOL

Scot Meacham Wood said...

Notes from Abroad,

Do you feel as though you speak for HM The Queen? All royal names are approved by the Monarch. Unkind comments about members of the Royal Family are not well-tolerated here.


readlisten said...

Hear! Hear! Well said, sir!

Unknown said...

Thank you Scot for your comments and support of this beautiful little family. Their happiness and love for each other and their son Archie are a soothing balm in this crazy world.

Leslie said...

I am from the USA, and since you explained the meaning of his name I believe it is a wonderful name!
God bless all and I must say I enjoy your blog and your commitment to keep a no negative one at that!!
I too have no tolerance for negativity so...keep up the good work!!!

tammy j said...

I seldom comment anymore but I always read every one of your beautiful posts. and this one is no exception. Americans DO NOT own the world no matter what some people might think or have heard through face book and other technological atrocities! the loving faces of little Archie's family prove that he is a welcomed person into this world! may he enjoy life unencumbered by silly and/or hateful remarks! thank you for your post!

ann chamberlain said...

Spot on fellow Royal Watcher!

Ann Chamberlain

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Such a beautiful family and the photographer really lucked out capturing the essence of the moment! This will be one of those iconic photographs everyone knows of in 50 years time.

Karen said...

What a beautiful baby, it's wonderful seeing the happy couple.
Why do people feel compelled to be so unkind in their comments?!

Cackie said...

Bravo - thank you! Very nicely said. Personally, I thhink "Archie" is perfect.

fm4re said...

Well said and agree wholeheartedly.

Love sharing an interest with someone else who respects the differences. Oh the tartan stuff i just heavenly. I recently worked at Edinboro University in Pennsylvania and loved that they had a major in bagpipes. Yes, the sound of bagpipes floating in the air while walking through campus was magical. The sight of kilts, was absolutely stunning. Must be a requirement that a student or faculty must be lovely in kilts!

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