14 November, 2018

"One Does Not Live by Tartan Alone . . . "


Though I'm clearly more than happy to be known for my endless love of the highlands and the amazing colours and history of their textiles . . . sometimes one likes to vary one's interests.

So with that in mind . . . let me share a few new textiles here at SMW Home

 Enjoy the entire collection of Florals, Toiles, and Botanicals at SMW Home  and let me know which one is YOUR favourite . . . ?



niartist said...

I NEED that Margot Trellis in Bosc! STAT!

Merlin said...

You ARE one busy fellow!!! franki

Laura Casey Interiors said...

They are all beautiful- probably Camille Floral in blue- swoon. Congrats!

RobinsonInteriors said...

I love these! I’m curious...is Prestonfield Blue named after Prestonfield House in Edinburgh? I stayed there lat summer...t was so luxurious and wonderful!!

Unknown said...

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