22 May, 2018

"Blues and Royals . . . "

Prince Harry walked down the aisle in a traditional military uniform of a frockcoat of the Blues and Royals. The ensemble denotes his affinity with and affection for the armed forces, despite retiring from active service in 2015. The outfit consists of a frockcoat in doeskin depicting insignias and braiding that is particular to his regiment, the styles of which reveal that he has been promoted to the rank of major by the Queen. 
The outfit was handcrafted by traditional military tailors Dege & Skinner on Savile Row, who first created the uniform when Prince Harry began active service. The badge on his left chest is the Pilots’ Wings, a nod to his time serving in the Army Air Corps flying Apache helicopters. Speaking exclusively to the Telegraph, managing director William Skinner revealed that the hand crafted uniform took over 100 hours of work, over 65,000 stitches and it took one worker one week just to figurate the lace on the sleeves.  
(from The Telegraph)

The regiment was formed in 1969 from the merger of the Royal House Guards, which was known as "the Blues" or "the Oxford Blues", and the Royal Dragoons, which was known as "the Royals".  Since then, the new regiment has served in Northern Ireland, Germany, and Cyprus. During the Falkland War of 1982, the regiment provided the two armoured reconnaissance troops. The regiment also had a squadron on operational duty with the United Nations in Bosnia in 1994–95. Most recently, the regiment saw action in the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan.  Both Prince Williams, the Duke of Cambridge, and Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, joined the regiment as cornets in 2006.

Even young Prince George got to be part of the team!




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