06 November, 2017

"Give Me an 'S' . . . "

As the pages continue to fall from the calendar, we here at SMW Home delight at the approach of Autumn.  The scent of raked leaves.  The feel of our new collection of cozy, tartan scarves.  And the excitement of cheering your local football team. 
Get ready to bundle up and show your support in the stands with our selection of vintage stadium blankets in an array of classic tartans.  We have a marvelous collection of one-of-a-kind camp blankets as well as cashmere and lambswool options - perfect for everything from an afternoon tailgate party to the bitter end of the 4th quarter.
Take a look at part our jaunty selection . . . 

 To completely wrap yourself in tartan - take a look at our entire collection of wool, cashmere, and fur throws - and let's cheer on the home team to victory!


1 comment:

Merlin said...

Mmmmm....I can almost imagine how soft and warm....just beautiful!! franki

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