30 October, 2017

" Guarding Breakfast . . . "


Frankly, I've never been much of a morning person.  I'll never argue that breakfast is not the most important meal of the day - but, it's also quite often a meal I gobble down in way too much of a hurry.  If you have the same issues - I might have found a solution for all of us . . . Because HOW cute are these little treasures that I found in England?!?!?!?

I'm always going to be a sucker for a bit of whimsy on my breakfast table and these adorable pieces most certainly fit the bill.  Take a look . . . 

Imported from England - and hand-painted stoneware perfectly safe for your dishwasher.  Take a look at the entire barnyard of options - and let me know which one in your favourite!  

Moooooo -


Bethanne Matari said...

Oh Scot! I love this!

Dallas Speicher said...

Goat Creamer, Sheep Creamer, Woodpecker Salt and Pepper, Gosh, when can I order?
These are whimsical and charming, gotta have that goat creamer on my breakfast table, I might even invite him to dinner.

I enjoy your writing and find your decorating to be beautiful and inspiring.

D. Elizabeth Speicher

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