06 April, 2015

"National Tartan Day, 2015 - Part 1 . . . "


To help celebrate this year's National Tartan Day - I thought we'd take a tiny trip in the 'way-back-machine' to last December when I spent an incredible week in Scotland working on Scot Meacham Wood Home.  One of the highlights of the trip was a lazy late afternoon wandering the streets of Edinburgh with nothing but an empty calendar and the fully charged camera battery.

Come . . . let's look around . . .

Stop back by later in the day . . . I want to share a few advance images of SMW Home with you!



Karena Albert said...

Scot I just love seeing these architectural treasures of Scotland! Thank you!

The Arts by Karena
Dual Vision!

Diane Haynie said...

That castle looks like it was lifted right off the pages of Wuthering Heights. Must have been a wonderful trip?

Sarah said...

Have only been to Scotland once. Would love to return. Thanks for sharing the images.

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