14 September, 2014

"Sunday Runway - Ralph Lauren Spring 2015 . . . "


Last week was busy on several differing fronts around here . . . but, one should never be too busy to be inspired.  As usual, one of my favourite shows from New York Fashion Week was late on the schedule - but, well worth the wait.

Ralph Lauren . . . for Spring 2015.  Revisiting a safari motif and inspiration . . . but, new and pieces that feel VERY wearable.  Great suits.  Great marque pieces.  Marvelous accessories.

Take a look at a few of my favourites . . .



Merlin said...

That RL!! I watched the entire show on video...wonderful and wearable!! franki

Karen said...

Love Ralph Lauren . . . . I'm wondering if runway models will ever smile again? Not everyone (can't have that) - but maybe half? I'd love to see a designer go just the opposite of depressing, sad and sometimes angry models and show at least contented models:)

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