"Rowing Blazer Book Signing in New York . . . "

Chip Kidd, Drew Poling, and Scot Meacham Wood


We had flurry of travel this week as Drew and I zipped out to New York for a few days to help celebrate the release of Jack Carlson's new book "Rowing Blazers" at the new Ralph Lauren flagship store on 5th Avenue.  The new store was awash in striped and tipped blazer . . . an amazing jazz combo . . . and a good time had by all.

"Classic American style was born in British boathouses, where the very first 
blazers were fashioned for college rowing clubs. This book, created by 
champion rower Jack Carlson, offers an insider’s guide to the elaborately 
striped, piped, trimmed, and badged garments, as well as 
the stories, elite athletes, historic clubs, and races associated with them. 
Featuring lush photographs by F.E. Castleberry, Rowing Blazers is a 
definitive visual feast, transporting readers to the highly atmospheric
 boathouses, campuses, and team rooms of clubs around the world. 
For anyone who has raced the rivers or lined the banks, this handsome 
ode to the eye-catching, evocative rowing blazer is a must."

Have a look at a few photos from the event . . .

Jack Carlson signing copies of his book "Rowing Blazers"

"It brings together three of my passions: rowing, menswear and 
pageantry," said Mr. Carlson, a Georgetown- and Oxford-educated 
rower on the U.S. National team, who started 
working on the book 4½ years ago.

by Jack Carlson

(photography by BFA NYC)


Merlin said…
WOW! Both of my kiddos were in Crew in high school and college. EnJOY!! franki
The history of Crew is fascinating, and the event looks wonderful, but alas . . . I'm so suburban, the jacket on the cover gives me memories of — Captain Kangaroo. How pitiful for me!
Karena said…
Scot I can see what a fun event this was! Stylish men, all!

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