11 September, 2014

"Influencing Design . . . "


It's kinda been one of those weeks when I've been all over the country - on the road with clients . . . and also showing up all over the internet as well . . . lol.

After yesterday's little dust-up about online commenting, let's turn our attention back to more exciting thoughts.  Like fashion!  Quintessence has put together the first in a series of videos about their favourite designers and wardrobes.  With an interesting discussion about the intersection between fashion and design - and how our personal style is influenced by - and influences - our design portfolios.

Take a look . . . here.

A big "thanks!" as always to the powerhouse team of Stacey and Susanna and the daily inspirations they provide on Quintessence.



Karena said...

Scot, a terrific video on fashion and design, I love your segment, you dapper guy!

The Arts by Karena

lisa said...

Scot, I saw you on Quintessence. You look great! And thank you for your post yesterday regarding civility on the internet. Unfortunately, and this is just my opinion, I think this is a symptom of society in general. The internet is merely just another venue.

quintessence said...

Thank you Scot - we were THRILLED to be able to include you - such fashionable kismet!! xo

Anonymous said...

Terrific segment, Scot, you are so well-spoken. I'm seeing you everywhere now too, and it is wonderful that you have become such a powerful design influence, in both style and (referring to your post on the 10th) kindness. Happy weekend, xo, N.

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