"2013 Decorator Show House . . . "


We're just delighted to announce that we will be taking part in the 2013 Peninsula Volunteers Decorator Show House - in Woodside - opening on May 4th.  Our room is already starting to come together - but, I thought I'd let y'all in on a bit of the preliminary work on the space.

When 'shopping' through a showcase house for a room - one always has several difficult decisions to make right from the beginning.  Do you pitch a concept for one of the big, sexy rooms - along with practically *everyone* else . . . weighing the visibility of the room against the amount of competition for the space?  Or does one go a bit more convertly down to one of the smaller, 'harder' rooms - and try to create some magic where little to none may exist already?

As you can see from the 'before' images posted below - I've gone for the second category.  We're WAY downstairs . . . but, in a lovely little space just off the tennis court and near the pool.  If nothing else - maybe I can get in some laps at the pool while I'm waiting for the contractor to arrive . . . lol.

Here's what we're plotting . . .

"Inspired by the glamour and style of the late 60's in Palm Beach, this jewel-box space imagines itself ready for an afternoon of light gambling and heavy gossiping.  Though the only thing at stake is one's reputation as a masterful bridge player.  Bright saturated colours, classic European and Asian antiques, and gracious, feminine details combine to create a room that is as much at home in the present . . . while it revives memories of the past."

And away we go,


Can't wait to see what you come up with! Hope to make it up!
Karen said…
Intriguing. I'm certain you'll create magic and we'll be eager to gain inspiration from your masterpiece.
Kathleen said…
I can't wait! I think the location of the room is nice. I guess I can relate more with situations like this one. Love the windows.
Unknown said…
Sounds like you have it sewn up, Scot! I love doing Show houses because they give you so much flexibility to "design out of the box" Have fun and keep us updated!
Merlin said…
That's called *vision*...can't wait! franki
Well, you have certainly hit the nail on the head with the choice of rooms as well as the description! I love doing the descriptions when we are bidding on rooms…and yes, we go for the second option as well. However, you could most certainly pull off the main, sexiest of rooms! I am convinced of that! I bet your room wins the "favorite" category by everyone that attends…hands down! Can't wait to see the end results!
mikky said…
Congrats! I can't wait to see how it turns out. Hope you share more sneak peaks before thought. You have such a way with words, love the "afternoon of light gambling and heavy gossiping", makes me wish I could attend a party by you, I bet they are spectacular and a blast!
I'm sure your room will be breathtaking.

Unknown said…
Hi Scot...let me know if we can help with any lighting at the show house. Would love to work with you on this project. Ivette from Lamps Plus iserrano at lampsplus.com
D said…
You've created a tantalizing brief for the room you chose. Can't wait to see it executed as only you can. Cheers, d2zen
Unknown said…
terrific, scot! i just did my first showhouse last year, and it was an awesome experience. i know that you're gonna have fund too, and i can *wait* to see what you come up with!


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