11 February, 2013

"About the House . . . "

the freshly dressed bar in my drawing room . . . 


Yes - it HAS been a busy year around these parts!  And thank you for your continuing patience whilst these little missives become a bit fewer and farther between.  But, never fear.  I'm here.  And keeping my office moving along.  And preparing for a great year of business and travel.

I don't know about the rest of you . . . but, when life seems to be at its most hectic - my house tends to suffer a bit.  The empty show box by the closet door doesn't proceed with any great speed to the recycling bin.  And the stack of incoming mail tends to loiter longer than usual on the counter in the kitchen.  And at some point, stepping over that last little box of holiday ornaments (waiting to go to the garage) becomes so much second-nature, one doesn't even see it anymore.

So . . . this weekend . . . I kinda took the bull by the horns (and the shoe boxes by their lids) and spent two solid days giving my little home the love and attention that it has been lacking from me for the last little while.

So I thought I'd share a few details from my weekend's entertainment . . .

books and accessories on the console in my drawing room . . . 

a rarely seen glimpse into my teeny, tiny kitchen.  and
the poster from the Royal Shakespeare production of "Henvy V" from about
15 years ago.  it remains one of the most amazing night of theatre in my life.

and my oft referred to collection of watchbands and wrist silliness. 
If you're looking for more images of the house . . . you can pre-order Ronda Carman's new book Designers at Home - which is being published in April.  My home, along with the homes of 49 other designers, is being featured in this marvelous new book.



mrs. V | Chez V said...

lovely. as always.

Maryanne White said...

Love the bar set-up. Something that I have always wanted but was afraid to attempt until my children were older. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

Been wondering where you were and also glad to hear I am not the only one with a box of Christmas waiting to be taken down to the garage. But you have inspired me to get that done! Love those wristbands!

Merlin said...

Luv the thermos! I'm still using my "plaid thermos" from the 60's!! franki

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