27 January, 2013

"Sunday Runway - White. Shirt . . . "


So often we over-complicate our own lives and our own wardrobes . . . when sometimes . . . it's just this easy.

Lapo Elkann

Daniel Craig

Model Douglas Pickett 

Paul Newman

Van, from Necessary and Proper

Photographer Douglas Friedman 

from Brideshead Revisited

Model Aiden Shaw


Actor, Alexander Skarsgard 

Paul Newman

Derrick Miller, of Barker Black


Diane Haynie said...

nothing better than a hunk in a crisp white shirt...thanks for the eye candy

deb* said...

Great examples--I enjoyed this!

Cameo said...

Ok,.....sooooo true. White is simple, clean, and crisp. It shows off skin tones, hair, and eyes like nobody's business. No guy here is cuter in white as you would be daaaaahling.......except maybe Daniel Craig!!! I hope he never gets botox, there is something to be said about that deep dust gathering wrinkle between the brows!!! Wowza, it's like "are you mad at me.......or just intense?"

Cheryl said...

Lovely, just lovely!!

Carol@HouseandHomeDefined.com said...

Alexander Skarsgard. Oh my g. Need I say more. Thanks for the spring in my step this Sunday evening. And, finally, a thank you very much, again, for the votives that came a couple of weeks back. They will remain beautifully packaged until they make their appearance for next year's contest, perhaps on my table. Love everything you do (including these Sunday posts :)

therelishedroost said...

Wow, that was a nice way to finish the weekend! All classic men, truly define Handsome! Aiden Shaw!
I love this blog, always so entertaining.
Best! Karolyn

Karen Albert said...

Thank Scot! Love seeing these good looking men in their crisp white shirts!!

New 2013 Artists Series

Anonymous said...

It looks easy! Because it IS EASY!

Paul Newman on the tricycle!

This is someone very secure in his skin!

In fact; every single example; one who tried to do this would fail.

Every single one of these people had "perfect phrasing" (look it up; it is fascinating)

You could teach it! What an eye you have!!


Rick said...

After seeing the top photo, I now realize who the new footman on Downton Abbey reminds me of.

mikky said...

So, so true. Nothing sexier than a man in a white button down with european collar...ok maybe a few things, but can't get any more classic then this.
great photos.


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