03 July, 2012

"Meanwhile, Over On Tobi's Blog . . . "

in Los Angeles with Brooke Carter Wallace, me, Tobi Fairley, and Ronda Rice Carman.


I'm pleased as punch to be part of a new series on Tobi Fairley's blog called "Expert Advice" - with designers and style-makers talking about the best advice they've ever gotten.

Check it out - HERE.



mikky said...

Ack! Your pants are amazing!!!!!

Congrats on the new gig and happy 4th.


Things That Inspire said...

I commented yesterday, but it still has not been approved (I do not like those moderated comments set ups, especially on holiday weeks!) - love, love the idea of a dark room, but only if I have the expert advice and guidance of a top notch designer like you!

Happy 4th-

Merlin said...

Tobi is one of my "favs!" Talented are you'al! franki

countertops said...

Awesome group of people.

carolyn bradford said...

What a fabulous group of people to be involved in Expert Advice! I would listen to any one of you!

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