28 March, 2012

"Go East Young Man . . . "


Well . . . there's a great deal going on here at the house this evening.  The good news is that we're heading east for a few days.  All the way east.  As in the other coast.  Looking at a design project for later in the year.  Visiting friends.  An exhibition here and there.  And a series of cocktails and dinners to fill almost every spare moment.

Which brings me to a particular point of excitement.  Yes.  One of my favourite accessories here at the house is lending its special organizational skill.  My collapsible rolling rack.  Now, I first bought this great tool many years ago - as I always use it for parties here at the house.

Like almost every other house in San Francisco - we're not a very storage friendly abode.  So having a little clothing rack for guest to organize their coats (and because of our particular chilly weather 11 months of the year - we tend to wear coats a great deal of the time!) is always a help at any function.

But, that's not the best part of this evening.  What has me this excited is that I can wear all the bright clothes that I can rarely wear here in San Francisco.  Turquoise.  Fuchsia.  Teal.  Canary.   Tempered with navy and black.  All in a parade on my rolling rack.

You see.  Here in San Francisco . . . most residents usually wear anything - as long as it is from the vast collection of browns and greys that make up most of the fashion in our fair city.  I frankly consider it to be entirely caused by the computer industry that populates most of the area.

And though I dearly love all of the wondrous gadgets that blink and ring . . . the almost aggressively casual work environment that helps to spur that creativity - has set an incredibly 'low bar' for ones personal appearance. A fact which has always troubled me.  

But now . . . at least for a few days . . . I can strut my true self . . . resplendent in bright colours . . . and ginghams galore.  And this evening,  I'm just sitting here . . . looking at my rolling rack.  Making last minute changes.   A few minor substitutions.  And awaiting the chance to get dressed.



Turling said...

"One of my favourite accessories here at the house is.."

And here I thought it was going to end with:

"...the girl in the second picture."

After that, the rolling rack was a little anti-climactic.

Anonymous said...

I love to see men's wear taking on the bright color trend too. Looks fantastic! Have fun rockin' your brights!

:) Amanda

Brillante Interiors said...

Vibrant colors, subtle colors, all colors! Especially in a rainy city we NEED them. I love colors in my interiors projects too.

donna said...

so stylish! Have a great time on the East coast and looking forward to sneak peeks of that future job

DanIam said...

Color is the new black!

Anonymous said...

Love your colors, Scot. Where do you shop?


Mrs. Blandings said...

Have so, so much fun - can't wait to hear of your adventures when you get back.

The Wandering Wahoo said...

Great photos! Have a great trip!

Designs By Pinky said...

So, you are coming to our side of the country! Wonderful! And I know you will look fabulous at all those dinners. ENJOY wearing all your colorful things. I LOVE to see a well dressed man in something OTHER than brown, black or grey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pinky

Merlin said...

Your "rolling rack" is genius. We used this (because of lack of space) on our recent trip everywhere we went...will do it always from here on out. ENJOY your stay in "our neck of the urban woods!" franki

Vickie H. said...

ok, Go be your TRUE PEACOCK SELF and report back next week, complete with pics!!! Enjoy!!!

Karen said...

I absolutely love the eastern "preppy" look! You can visit Orange County, California and wear your preppy, bright Brooks Brothers checks and classic spring/summer colors, especially in Newport Beach. Come for a visit, you'll see!

Karena said...

Scot, oh so dapper and handsome you will be for your trip.

Even I tend to wear every shade of grey in the colder months, luckily here that is only about a quarter of the year!

I hope you will Come and enter my amazing Cross Bottle Guy Giveaway!

Art by Karena

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Love the look! Love men in colors, especially the checks and plaids of course.
Have a fantastic time back east. Take lots of pics.


All the Best said...

Exciting...and FAB images! xo

Lisa said...

Nothing says Spring like a great gingham check! Well, that AND seersucker!
Looking for gingham checked espadrilles or Toms. Any sightings?
Have a great trip!
xo Lisa

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