18 September, 2010

"Joe Nye . . . "


Well the weekend is upon us once again - and blessedly a couple of days away from the office and some time to relax and enjoy time with friends - and another Sunday morning at the flea market - and some time to peruse the sales at One Kings Lane - and a few moments to revel in the fantastic designs of the fantastic Joe Nye.

Now when I started working on the "Love Letters" series - my plan was not to include any specific designers.  But HOW could I let the letter "n" pass by without highlighting Joe's beautiful work.

I love his great flair with colour.  
And his pitch-perfect ability for mixing styles and patterns.

Wow.  Seriously.
(image from Joe's amazing new book, "Flair")

And a few more shots from "Flair."

A few images of Joe's home in Los Angeles - from House Beautiful.

And his wonderful work at the Kip's Bay Showhouse last year.
(from Elle Decor)

Something a little more rustic - 
from the pages of House Beautiful

From the same project -

"And the curtains are positively some of the most beautiful you've 
ever seen," Nye says. "They're a parachute-weight taffeta, with 
a luscious crunchy-soft look." 

And. frankly, anyone who keeps a few pieces of tartanware displayed in 
their home is clearly alright with me - lol !

If you haven't ordered Joe's book - it is just marvelous.
GREAT photography - and great entertaining advice.

Cheers - and best wishes for a great weekend,


Brillante Home Decor said...

I admired his home pictures when published and I studied every detail for hours. He is brilliant!
Have a great week-end at the flea market (I wish I was there).
(P.S. I am the one recently featured on Ivan Meade's interview, which is just on the right of the screen, I could not ignore the opportunity...Ha Ha)

Carol@SofasandSage.com said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I think it's great that you highlight a designer in your series! And, your love letters is so much fun to look forward to. I'll be sad on "Z's" day.

shiree segerstrom said...

Completely splendid. I think Joe is my favorite right now. Great post. Shiree'

Karena said...

And why not, he is so good. I adore the hurricane chandelier in the first dining room! Thanks Scot!

Art by Karena

Splendid Sass said...

That's a definite buy! Love the way he mixes things up. I especially like the way he mixed two sets of chairs at the table. I do the same. Thanks for sharing.
Have a nice evening.

AlwaysMe said...

Love, love, love. He even made baby's breath look nice.

jenna said...

Here you are! I have not received blog posts so went looking for you. Feedeburner must be having a problem since they show me signed up when I tried to sign up again. Oh well...glad to find you again and love the pics of Joe Nye..wish I was that talented!!

Julio said...

Hi Scot,

A wonderful coincidence. I just received my copy of Flair yesterday via Amazon.com and love it! I thought of you because his fantastic style and flair reminded me of yours. In addition to the beautiful images, the book shares great tips on additional details to include when entertaining that would make your event a more memorable one for guests.

elissa @ faucethead said...

baby's breath can be so underrated. i love what he's done incorporating it into that centerpiece!

ps. if you have a chance, we're having a giveaway! come on over: http://www.faucethead.com/blog/?p=1208

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Scot, so nice to meet you at the Rue party in NY with Eddie & Jaithan! yes, yes I do know who you are, even though I didn't remember at the time. Your blog is beautiful & You are so talented. I tend to hang with the DIY crowd. :)

Anonymous said...

I left a long post.....and somehow....it was swallowed! OH well...it was just agreeing with you the fantasticness of Joe Nye!

He is the best! He is talented beyond! He is the nicest most wonderful gentleman......and so fun!
I pre-ordered his book and gave it to all my friends and clients!

Fabulous! congratulations!

Joe is a true talent...and a true gentleman!!


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