09 December, 2009

"It Only Takes a Spark . . . "

David Linley, House Beautiful 1993. Photographer, Christopher Simon Sykes

Greetings and Salutations,

I was chatting with my friends David and Barbara last evening - and we began to reminisce about those specific images that we could STILL recall seeing for the first time. And after a moment of practically foaming at the mouth - I began blathering on about the living room in the London flat of David Linley, from the early 90's. Of course, they were both looking at me like 'who?' 'when?' 'which room?' - and I leaned back in my chair and my mind swirled away into the past . . . . .

I love this room. It's from Linley's flat from back in his bachelor days (in 1993) when he was first making a name for himself in London and on the world stage for his intricate woodworking creations. Love the dark colour palette. Love the heavy velvet drapes. Love the dramatic artwork. And I love the description that Linley gives of his home -

"It's really a stage set, this whole flat," says Linley, a kinetic
figure in jeans and purple suede loafers. "The walls change
color quite frequently. The bedroom was blue a
month ago. Ideas are tried out here."
- House Beautiful, 1993

Okay. THAT sounds familiar. lol.

I'm curious - what was one of your 'touch stone' moments? When your creativity was sparked? One of those first images that said, "Good grief. I've been waiting for you to find me."



The-Countrypolitan said...

How odd you should bring this up!

Just yesterday I had a strange recollection of a particular scene from an old movie classic. This scene has haunted me, in a very odd way, every since I saw it in school around 1960 or there about. It is the scene from the 1946 b&w version of "Great Expectations", when Pip finds himself in the old decrepit, cob webb draped room in the old mansion. I can hardly recall anything else about the movie, except for that room. There was something about that particular scene that I became fixated on while we were watching the film. I really think it had an influence on my attraction to old houses and things that have age and patina. Pretty weird, isn't it!

GrannySmithGreen said...

I adore the statement, "it's really a stage set..." That's really the way I look at any house. It's a stage set for the life of the occupant. Think, what's the background of the life you live? Don't you just love that!

Annie said...

I love his large dog print - I have been wanting a dog collection for sometime! I can't think of a particular room that set off my creativity and love of home decor, but it was probably my grandma's house. She has a HUGE bungalow & it's just filled with old treasures that I adore. Ever since I was a child her home has inspired me to also create beautiful spaces.

Ashfield Hansen Design Inc. said...

Thanks for the mention...It was so wonderful to finally sit down and get to know you better! Barbara and I look forward to seeing more of you!

Have a wonderful weekend.

David @ Ashfield Hansen Design

ashfieldhansendesign said...

Scot - Love the pic of Linley's pad - more evidence of course that he is genius of design...I had only really followed his furniture, not the space that housed it. Must say the purple loafers just as memorable were a visual too.

You are a darling and coffee time was memorable.

Best, Barbara

Jaime Rogers said...

For myself, that space was in the mid nineties and it was Vicente Wolf's home in Montauk. I fell in love instantly, I connected to that space. I also recall the feeling I had, around that same time, when I first stayed at the Delano. However, I am a woman of many moods so there are a plethora of spaces which speak to my sensibilities;)
thanks for sharing this photo, the artwork and the draperies make this space for me.


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