25 August, 2009

"At first sight . . . "

Good morning,

I think it's a well known fact that I love a good entrance hall . . . and this wonderful space, from the LA designer Windsor Smith, in the new House Beautiful is a new favourite. Great elegance. Beautiful, simple colours. Dramatic architecture. And a lantern!

- “I’m a traditionalist at heart, and this is my David Adler foyer,” says
Windsor Smith, who chose statuary marble and
Bateig Blue limestone for the floor. The Entry Round Settee,
from Windsor Smith Home, is upholstered in a
Rogers & Goffigon silk. An old Venetian lantern
and a new Venetian mirror add a glint of silver. -

I hope everyone of having a great day,


AB HOME Interiors said...

I too love this entrance. When I saw it in House beautiful I could not believe how fresh and appealing it is. The palette is so soft but it is also very welcoming. Stunning!

ravishing_toes said...

This makes me happy!!! Love!

firefly said...

Simply breathtaking. Will statuary marble (carrera?) hold up well on the floor? I'm thinking it will stain and turn yellowish...

tartanscot said...


I assume that as long as the marble is properly sealed, there should be no major issues. I've used carrera several times and have had no client issues.


LadyeLisa said...

Beautiful! The staircase is quite reminiscent of the Filoli staircase -- wide black marble with a curlique at the bottom!

Anna said...

Breathtaking design.

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