"Top Hats. And Trees . . . "


I've had the last few days - most likely like you - with precious little to do.  Been in the office a bit.  Catching up with friends.  And reflecting on the holiday that has just passed.

I'm always fascinated with the build up to any holiday.  And the inevitable aftermath.  We seem to absolutely submerge ourselves in Christmas carols and shopping.  Decorating and cooking.  Mailing cards and hosting parties.  But, usually by around noon on Christmas day - it's over.  And it all immediately looks dated.  Wrapping debris everywhere - and piles of dirty dishes in the sink.

I've discovered a theme in the images that I had been collecting for the last few weeks.  Sometimes when I open one of my image folders - I see thoughts and ideas that I had never planning on.  Images of a holiday - that can stretch beyond the 26th of December.  Kind of a late December palate cleanser.   An etude in black and white.  A time of the longest night.  But, the beginning of longer brighter days.  Years ending.  Years beginning.

A bracing sorbet for those of us who are visually stimulated . . .



Ooh, I love sorbet and the little girl with the Christmas tree.
Jen said…
Fabulous pictures. Bracing indeed!
What a gorgeous post and I so agree about all your sentiments regarding the aftermath of the Christmas frenzy! Such a huge build up and with the blink of an eye...its all over!
Sarah said…
Great collection of images. Definitely visually stimulating! Happy New Year!
Merlin said…
A chocolate sundae! franki
quintessence said…
Great concept! Love the idea of a black and white palate cleanser as an antidote to all the holiday hoopla. It's like the honeymoon after the wedding!
Anonymous said…
Great Post! Thank you!
Beautiful! Happy New Year.
Gwen Driscoll said…
I've been mesmerized by black & white lately too. These images are stunning, really! And, hilarious...love the dogs. Best to you in 2012!
MariaPar said…
Wonderful pictures.
Happy New Year !
Greetings from Poland
I've recently found your blog through friends and love it deeply. These photos are magical. I grew up in Michigan and spent most of my winter outside on long walks, creating toboggan runs and catching snowflakes on my tongue. Thanks for the eye candy.
Scot, you have such a writing talent. And the pictures you've collected for your readers are some of the most lovely I have seen. Winter, post Christmas winter that is, is trying for some of us. You can take heart in indoor gardening such as potting amarylis and paper whites, buying fresh flowers at the market, or taking time to read some splendid design books. Best wishes for 2012 blogging friend... Shiree'
LadyeLisa said…
Your beautiful images capture what, for me, is the wonder of this time between holidays. After all the frenzy . . . a bit of peace! Simple. Elegant. A time to savor memories, maybe along with a cup of tea & a bite of chocolate. Happy reflecting!
Hey Y'all!

I hope everyone has great plans for the New Year's weekend . . . and thank you for another amazing year at tartanscot!

love that very dashing pooch!

cheers for a great 2012

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