"Kiss Me . . . "


New Year's Eve.   Midnight approaches . . .

Hepburn and Stewart

Newman and Woodward
Grant and McDowell

Taylor and Clift

Curtis and Monroe

Redford and Streisand 

Peppard and Hepburn 

Grant and Kelly

And, easily the best screen kiss . . . from the Italian film - "Cinema Paradiso" . . .

Cheers - and Happy New Year!


Beautiful... I love that movie.
Happy New Year!!!
La Maison Fou said…
Happy new year scot!
Nice imagery, darling pics.
LadyeLisa said…
Now I'M the one crying! Such a wonderful movie--thanks for the reminder. Happy New Year & many kisses!
Merlin said…
xxxxxoooooxxxxxxoooooxxxxx! franki

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