"Oh, Christmas Tree. Oh, Christmas Tree . . . "

Mitch Tannehill, New Jersey


Well - more fun entries in our Holiday Decorating Contest . . . and today, we're turning the spotlight onto some amazing Christmas trees . . .

Enjoy . . .

Karen Frame

Shenita Rodgers, Texas

Shelley Dozier-McKee, Georgia

Karen Bunch, California 

Mary Ann Moisant, California 

For more information about the contest - click HERE.


So many beautiful trees, Scot!
Karena said…
Scott I always love to see gorgeous ribbon running through and wound around the tree!!

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Art by Karena
Beautiful! Trying to get mine finished so I can get photos in.
Lovely, one and all! Shiree'
katiedid said…
All of the entries are looking fabulous!!!!! I better hurry up!
Love all of these elegant entries..all stunning!
All of them are gorgeous!! I love Shenita's! :) I am a new follower to your blog!
Ann said…
My kitschy, sentimental tree is being put to shame by all these stunners!
Reggie Darling said…
I do so enjoy this series of yours. Thank you for making it a holiday tradition! RD
leah said…
Just wanted to say thank you for organising this contest - great fun to see everyones entry.
leah said…
Just wanted to say thank you for organising such a fun contest. Loving looking at all the entries. I wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year. p s If I get a chance I will send you a photo of my table but the way things are going it could be next year!!
Merlin said…
Ole Cole had it right...isn't it De-Lovely!!! franki
Karen said…
So many lovely trees, thank you for hosting this party...it helps with motivation for the holiday decorations. :-)
So beautiful! And I want to give Mitch's pup a big hug!

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