"Caution, Contents Packed Under Pressure . . . "

Christine Hyder, Texas

Well, things are going fast and furious over here at the Holiday Decorating Contest . . . and this morning's email box was packed with amazing pictures . . . with inspirations abounding . . . and lovely holiday style . . . 

Here are some excellent ideas for your holiday interiors from around the country . . . 

Noreen Kloc, Georgia

Sissy Latino, California

Renae Moore, Georgia

Holly Phillips, North Carolina 

Debbie Barna, Pennsylvania 

Christina Hyder, Texas

Bruce Barone, Massachusetts 

Steve Fuller, Massachusetts 

Sissy Latino, California 

Jan Vrana, Nebraska
Keep 'em coming . . . the entries must be in by midnight on Saturday!



LOVE Bruce Barone's sock monkey!
niartist said…
Steve's Christmas tree is fabulous - LOVED his post on how he turned an everyday big-box tree into a high-end designer pruned one for just some time and $28! And how about that living room by Noreen Kloc? AWESOME! I don't envy your judges, Scot.
Such beautiful Christmas decor, Scot. Thank you for sharing these talented friends.
Firstly, ya gotta love a sock-monkey. seriously.

And if you're looking for more background on Steve's cool tree - have a look here -

Love Steve's tree...definitely a project for next year!
Daniel Shigo said…
So much to love, but I seriously have a thing for Mr. Fuller's tree. Wonderful.! Thank you for the beauty.
Noreen's mantel is amazing!! Love it!
The beauty here is knock-me-over gorgeous. I must say I've been looking forward to this contest since the last one! It's great to see so many traditional homes mixed in. Every image is gorgeous, but Steve Fuller's is my favorite. Scot, what about your own?
Carol - don't you fret. You'll see mine next week. in fact, I've got a nice little surprise to share from the house . . .

Diogenes said…
I want Steve Fuller's tree.
Ann said…
Oh, this is putting my efforts to shame! By the bye, I just love the wallpaper in Holly Phillips's stair hall!
You have certainly caught the attention of some of the best dressed Christmas trees in America!! I mean seriously these are GORGEOUS.....how in the world will you come up with a winner? So glad I am not the judge! Absoltuley fabulous......like opening a magazine on the prettiest Christmas trees and dressed up rooms!
Wow, I'm honestly honored by all the comments about my tree!

And I thought I was going to have to get my mother to do a little "marketing" for me.
Bruce Barone said…
There is a little Sock Monkey on the Big Sock Monkey's lap!
Ivy de Leon said…
Breath taking! Thanks for sharing your decor. Happy Holidays!
Thanks so much for featuring one of my trees in your post!!I am so very flattered!



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