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Well y'all . . . it's been another great year of our annual Holiday Decorating Contest.  All combined, we had over 200 entries from all over the country - and a few from around the world.  It has honestly been one of the best parts of my day - seeing everyones creativity - and sensing the great joy that you all take in celebrating the holiday season with great style.

But you've not stopped by today to listen to me prattle on . . . you've all come to see who our winners are.  But firstly - let me thank our judging panel.  I think we all know what a difficult job it was to determine a winner.  So a big tartan 'thank you' to :  Grant Gibson, Megan Arquette, Tobi Fairley, Ronda Carman, Michael Devine, and Kathryn Greeley.

Even though it's kind of an awards show - I decided not to make you suffer through any opening dance number by the "SMW Design Dancers" . . . so let's just get right to the announcements . . .

*drum roll . . . . *

The Best Dining Table
from Jennings & Gates, Virginia

who will be receiving 
An autographed copy of Kathryn Greeley's beautiful new book, The Collected Table.

The Best Mantel
from Noreen Kloc, Georgia

who will be receiving
A beautiful 11X17 inch Serving Tray from Michael Devine Home.

The Best Christmas Tree
Steve Fuller, Massachusetts 

who will be receiving . . .
A collection of ornaments, hand-selected by me, from Gump's San Francisco.

And in Second Place . . .  

for Table Top
Lori Cropp, Pennsylvania 

for Mantel 
Katie Denham, California 

for Christmas Tree
Mark Sunderland, Georgia 

who will each be receiving . . . 
The Holiday Scented Candle, from Ralph Lauren.

A big plaid congratulations to the winners . . . and a huge 'thank you' from me to everyone who participated, and commented, and generally shared in my delight to seeing these beautiful spaces.  



Congratulations to all the winners and may they enjoy their beautifully adorned seasonal spaces with friends and family. Merry Christmas!
As we say in Massachusetts: Oh... my...gawd!

Thank you to the judges for selecting my tree and to Scot for hosting the contest!Congratulations to the other winners and runners-up. There were some really wonderful submissions.

Happy holidays to everyone!

Enjoyed seeing all of the wonderful entries. Congratulations to the winners!!!
They are all so VERY lovely and inspiring! I adore the winning mantel with the blue & white pieces! xx
Congratulations to the winners! I really enjoyed seeing the gorgeous room designs.
Wow! Thanks! Such a gorgeous array of Christmas decorating- all of the pictures were amazing. Scot, we had so much fun- it was awesome to see so much talent in one place. Thanks to you and the distinguished panel of judges. Warmest wishes for a merry Christmas to everyone.
Congratulations to all the winners!!
I´m proud, just to see one of my photos in your blog :)

Have a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year
katiedid said…
Scot, I look forward to this event on your blog and hope it becomes an annual event for years to come! The winners were all favorites, but I still say it must have been a very difficult decision! So many beautiful entries!! I am so pleasantly surprised to be a runner up!!!

Best wishes to all for a very joyous Christmas and Prosperous New Year!

Many thanks!

Katie Denham
Congrats to all the deserving winners (and everyone else who participated as there were so many fabulous ones)! This contest really drew out the big guns!
Loved seeing them all.....and some of my faves won, so I am excited about that!!
Great job everyone!
Congrats to all the winners who truly deserve it!!

Great choices in who won.

And thanks again for posting one of my trees on your blog. It was such an honor!!

YONKS said…
Ditto to all the comments, a huge congrats to all the deserving winners! Excellent :-)
Ann said…
Great picks but I can't imagine having to decide, they were all so beautiful!
Congrats to all the winners! I loved seeing all the decorations again this year. So much talent and effort went into these spaces, could not have been easy for the judges to decide!
Lauren Starkey said…
Cheers to the winners, and thank you to everyone who shared their pictures--I am so inspired! Scot, your blog is wonderful and your "home video" was absolutely lovely. I felt enveloped in a tartan embrace...
Merry merry to all
Reggie Darling said…
This is such a fun tradition that you have developed, Scot! Thank you, the people who sent you photos of their wonderful decorations, and the savvy judges who awarded the prizes for making this possible. A holiday treat for your lucky readers, indeed!
Lori said…
Thanks so much Scot, such a fun contest and great motivation to get set for the season. I am in awe of all the beautiful homes and awesome ideas, I wish I had a mantle! Happy holidays!
Daniel Shigo said…
Beautiful images! Congratulations to the winners! Bravi!
leah said…
Congratulations to the winners! All well deserved. Thanks for organising this . Merry Christmas
Truly well deserved winners!..Thank you for presenting this contest. I truly enjoyed seeing all the spectacular and creative designs and also loved participating. So looking forward to next year and the upcoming year's blogs!
Jen said…
I thoroughly enjoyed these. I am a big fan of Urban Cottage Steve's other, more rustic tree, and he definitely deserves those ornaments from Gumps! I look forward to spending time on your blog and those of the winners who are new to me.
serena said…
Just discovered this - wow! Such a fun read! I'm completely inspired.... for next year!

Anonymous said…
congratulations to YOU for inspiring all these beautiful things!

The very best things I find about blogging is the mutual support and inspiration!

Well done!

We had our first year with grandchildren for many years

so we were on vacation the week before Christmas!

If you have another contest next year......we might enter!

Such a wonderful inspiration!

Merry Christmas!

LOve your house....love your blog!!

and loved meeting you at at the San Francisco Antiques Show!

Merry Christmas!

D.B. said…
Wow! Really standing behind the judges' choices this year - fabulous! Congrats to Steve at Urban Cottage!!! Just watched Fanny and Alexander and thought of your tree, Steve. Mr. Wood - where did you get that beautiful tartan wrapping paper? I feel so tartan deprived, please let me in on your secrets.
christy said…
All I can say is you have some really talented readers with excellent taste- wow!

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