"Happy New Year . . . "

From Rue Magazine, Holiday 2010.
(image by Tinywater Photography)


Sending wishes for an amazing new year!



You too! Love a man in plaid or a kilt.
Kalinka said…
Wonderful New Year's Eve and Happy New Year!
Greetings from Kalinki
Sarah said…
All the best for 2012. Thanks for sharing your adventures and your incredible talent here. I so enjoy my visits! ~ Happy New Year ~ Sarah
CeceliaMc said…
Now THIS is the way to decorate a room!

That's some good-looking interior design there, indeed.

Happy New Year!
Will you be 'first-footing' tonight Scot, with a lump of coal?
Unknown said…

Lots of smiling faces and it looks great on everyone great way to ring in the new year...Cheers!

Wow good looking men overload! Fabulous post....so glamorous and so wonderful to see so many happy smiling faces! Cheers to a wonderful and healthy 2012 for you and those you love.
Blue Muse said…
Happy New Year, Scot! Thank you for all the beauty that you share.
All the best in 2012.
xo isa
La Dolfina said…
A Very Happy New Year Scot!
I love this photo of you and your friends.
Life should always be so enjoyable!!!
Anonymous said…
Happy New Year! What a bunch of cute guys!!!

Such a great photo !
Feliz Año Nuevo, besitos, Candice
Renae Moore said…
Love the happy faces of all you handsome fellers!
Happy New Year!
Karen said…
Looks like fun! Happy 2012 to you! I look forward to what you have in store for us, your devoted readers.
great snap, looks like it is from vanity fair......classic!

happy new years scot
Great photo! Happy New Year - 2012 will be a great one.

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