"Our First Entries . . . "

Jan Colvin,  Kansas
(detail from Dining Table)

I wanted to share a few of the entries from our Holiday Decorating Contest - including some of my favourite 'detail' images that people are sending in.  There's more information about the contest - and the details about entering -  HERE.

Enjoy . . .

Elizabeth Moyer, New York
(Nutcracker Table Top)

Amy Atkins,  California
(Nature Themed Christmas Tree)

Mary Ann Moisant,  California
(Detail Image, Christmas Tree)

Maurie Minichiello,  Virginia
(Holiday Mantel) 

Keep them coming . . .


Unknown said…
Awww...so glad you like it Scott!

My Mad for Plaid party is next week....so I'll be sure and snap some pictures for you, as your Rue party was the inspiration!!!

merry merry,
Elizabeth -

Can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said…
What a great idea!

We are decorating for the first time in 8 years! We have 7 grandchildren and there have been none here for 8 years! This year!!! two and parents! So we have done a live tree....and will have Christmas eve dinner for 6!

(I did it for twenty for twenty years!)

will take pictures........I am thrilled!
I love these inspirational pictures!

ps we had Tony Duqette for a dinner party once..Lordy!

He loved it! I used my most wonderful "Chinoiserie china" and I even had bird cages on the dining room table with Iive birds (finches) in them!

Did I take pictures...?? I hope so! going back to the archives......this was at least 25 years ago! My, how time flies!!
Merlin said…
This is SO FUN, Scott, great ideas and thanks to you for posting!! franki

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