"More, More, More . . . "

Tim DeClue, Washington 

There's really nothing more that I can say . . . so just sit back and relax . . . maybe make yourself a quick cup of tea . . . and enjoy some of the newest entries in the Holiday Decorating Contest . . .

Ah . . . . .

Anita Diaz, North Carolina

Fran Hall, Ohio

Shirley Stankus, North Carolina

Jennings and Gates, Virginia

John Forgetta, Ohio

Mark Sunderland, Georgia

John Garland, Alabama

Sophie Baylor, California

Marlis Bennett, Texas

Melanie Joseph, New Jersey

John Forgetta, Ohio
Tim DeClue, Washington

Lauren Johnson, Kansas
Entries close tomorrow (Saturday) night at midnight  . . .



Julio Muao said…
All of the entries are stunning! I love this event Scott. You have the most talented readers/followers. The only way I could pick a winner would be a drawing. Thank you for hosting and to your guests for sharing their beautiful homes/decor with us. Good luck and happy holidays.
MJ said…
Scot...thank you so much for including my tree submission in this post. The trees and all the decor submissions are all so beautiful!

Thank you for hosting such a fabulous contest!

Happy Holidays to you and yours,

Lucky 7 Design
katiedid said…
I do not envy the judges! Amazing stuff here. Mark Sunderland Tree and Jennings Gates Table.....so beautiful, but then there are so many others that are too! Such a tough choice!!!
Dumbwit Tellher said…
Everyone..gorgeous! I wonder if Mark Sunderland takes lodgers? Definitely my favourite room.

Happy holidays to you Scot.
They are all just great!! Mark Sunderland's is my favorite and I love that settee in John Forgetta's photo and cozy blankets over the back of the chairs in John Garland's photo; lovely all! Happy Holidays Scot!
YONKS said…
Loving your posts TS. I am a nutter for Christmas so this is very satisfying for me.
Can't wait for the outcome.
leah said…
Love, them all!!
Geez....these are all INCREDIBLE!! Marks room looks like its out of a Ralph Lauren showroom (as does the Jennings and Gate setting) all so beautiful. How to pick a winner!! WOW.....stunning.
I have really enjoyed seeing all of these beautiful entries. A lot of talented people here.
It IS the most wonderful time of the year (in blogland!!) I could make a comment on every single image. What over the top effort and gorgeous inspiration. It's nice to know the spirit of Christmas is so alive.
gorgeous entries here!!! wowza, those trees are amazing.

It has been such a blast to see all of the beautiful trees, dining rooms and mantles. Thank you for including us!
Always so inspiring to see what people come up with for their Christmas decor. Fun that we get to see the entries. Beautiful!

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