"Around New York . . . "


So before heading back to the office and the wonderland of images that I KNOW is awaiting me in the Holiday Decorating Contest email box (I've been previewing a few things whilst I've been away), I thought I share a few images from my weekend in New York.  I managed to have the most spectacular weather for my trip.  Bright, clear skies.  Moderate temperatures.  And great time catching up with friends and colleagues.

So here are a few pictures.  Sky and glass.  Details and architecture.  And my long-running fascination with NYC water towers . . . .


(all photography - Scot Meacham Wood for "The Adventures of Tartanscot."


YONKS said…
Wonderful images, different from the usual. I always think you miss so much if you don't look up in a city. Di you see my recent photos of my trip to Scotland. You would have loved it I'm sure!
Wconklin said…
Yes I agree these are some beautiful photos. I personally usually get a neck cramp from looking up in new york. Its almost censory overload.
Thank you, Scot. Beautiful.
I lived in NYC for eight years and love looking at your pictures, feel like I know where each one is. My little boys (4 & 5) are having a field day with the ornaments. Will send pics another year :) Merry Christmas or how the Scots do it....

A Blythe Yule an a Guid Hogmanay
Carl said…
I always love how the building in the first image catches the sky. A perfect meeting of nature and human endeavor. Merry Christmas to you dear sir and a most amazing New year. ~best
OOOOOooooo I love your photos. I love NYC. I have the exact photo of St. Patrick's Church (did I get the name right?) with the skyscraper to the left. Love the contrast. I also love the photo of the tree with the fairy lights all over. Thanks for sharing these great photos Scot. Merry Christmas! Val

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