"And Just In Under the Wire . . . "

Carol Beck, Massachusetts 

You know what?  If I were you, I'd get a fresh cup of coffee or tea first.  And maybe check your voicemail messages.  And then snuggle into your favourite chair . . . and get ready for a nice relaxing journey through some amazing homes - all dressed for the holiday season.  All of the entrants in this year's Holiday Decorating Contest have been such a delight.  It's truly been one of the favourites parts of my day when I get to the office - and start opening your emails and seeing all of your wonderful pictures.

Here's a few more of the images that came in just under the wire . . .

Jamie Harris, Tennessee 

Cristin Bisbee Priest, California 

Erik Retzer and James Josephson, Illinois 
Katie Denham, California 

Jane Peak, Ohio

Tracy Westwater, Illinois 

Amy Atkins, California 

Elizabeth Moyer, New York

Angela Duritza, New Jersey 

Lauren Starkey, Vermont 

Cindi Ornstien, North Carolina 

Lori Cropp, Pennsylvania 

Eva Ohlsson, Sweden 

Mary Chapman, Michigan 

Elizabeth Keogh, California 

Jane Peak, Ohio 

Betsy Berner, New Jersey 
Check back on Wednesday for the announcement of the winners - and be sure to stop by tomorrow as well . . . I'm working on a little surprise for everyone . . .



Wasp Decor said…
My gosh!
Truly wonderful photos from your friends. I would not want to be a judge. How hard it must be to choose one of these beautiful entries!

I'm new to your blog and I just love it!
Thanks Wasp!

Happy Christmas,
CeceliaMc said…
Alternating red and green dinning room chair cushions!

Why didn't I think of that!...
Diogenes said…
Eva Ohlsson's tree is lovely.
Landbohaven said…
Smukke billeder.
Tak for kigget.
translation :

Beautiful pictures.
Thanks for looking.

thanks Landbohaven!

So many great things about all of these holiday photos. Wonderful entries!!! Good luck to all. ; )
I see Landbohaven stopped by. I love her Danish comments; they sound so dirty!

I see there's some pretty tough competition in every category. I love Carol's harmonious color palette, Erik & James elegance, Betsy's shimmery table...and who doesn't love some mammoth antlers on their mantelpiece?

Here's tons of great work here!
Holy cow how do you even begin to decide who wins!!!!!! I so do not envy you....there are so many fabulous ones here, I cannot possibly pick a fave! I have so enjoyed this!
An impressive display of talent!
Lauren Starkey said…
Just wanted to state for the record (in case Landon Shockey isn't pleased) that the mantel attributed to him is mine, Lauren Starkey's, in Vermont (the painting is by Vermont artist Ann Cady).
Cheers, and looking forward to seeing more inspiration tomorrow!

Aaah! Thanks for posting my dining room, Scot! What a nice suprise and honor, really :) I cannot get over how many gorgeous pictures you have posted. I love the antlers on the mantel, and the candle lit round table with the decorated chandelier, and then Janes table, and then...

I'm massively embarrassed. An assistant had misspelled your name, and I just assumed that it was Landon (a regular reader and friend) who had submitted the pictures.

Egg on my face (but, wishing you a happy Christmas regardless),
Anita Diaz said…
What inspiration all the photos have been for me! I have seen so many wonderful ideas that I had not seen anywhere else. Thank you so much for hosting!
What a lovely early Christmas gift - thank you for posting my dining room - quite the holiday treat! I am drooling over all of your pics - simply amazing!
Denise Marie said…
Wow, all so glorious and festive!!

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