"Tables, and Chairs, and China. Oh, My . . . "

Jennings & Gates, Virginia

Well - it looks like we've had some good boys and girls this year - and I'm loving see everyone's entries in this year's Holiday Decorating Contest.  Today - we're looking at some beautiful table services.  The holiday season is one of the best times for hosting parties - and here's some great inspirations for your next holiday event . . .

Enjoy . . .

Anita Diaz, North Carolina
Jan Colvin, Kansas

Lauren Johnson, Kansas
Jane Peak, Ohio
For more information on the contest - and for the rules for entries - click HERE.



Well I do have one or two that really caught my eye but truly they are each beautiful and each has their own special something...all stunning!
Glad I am not the judge, would be hard pressed to pick just one!
Karena said…
Scot, hmm I see two finalists are from Kansas, such great taste!

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Art by Karena
Karen T. said…
I'm glad I'm not judging as I'd be hard pressed to choose just one!Jennings & Gates' and Jane Peak's entries really speak to me! WOW!
Oh dear, I didn't know about the contest... I may have to HURRY and do a table!!! These are all beautiful. XO, Pinky
Gwen Driscoll said…
These are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
Grant K. Gibson said…
I can tell that this is going to be a hard year to judge!

I can't wait to vote!

Vickie H. said…
I am so in love with the TARTAN I can barely breathe! Such beautiful offerings!!!

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