"Town and Country . . . "

Hackett of London


Urban or Rural.  Modern or Antique.  
Finely edited / Lushly layered.  Polished chrome / Hand-rubbed brass.  

Sometimes I feel pulled in both directions.   

Past or Future.  Yin / Yang.  Sports car or Jeep.   
Sidewalks / Dirt paths.  

"Town or Country?"

London, England
The home of New York designer Robert Passal
Ralph Lauren Collection, Fall 2011
SMW Design, San Francisco

Menswear Designer, Michael Bastian
(photographed by Ian Allen)

Hackett of London
John Jacob Interiors
Ralph Lauren Home Collection

Velvet Slippers, from Del Toro
Windsor Smith, from Rue Magazine
Michael Smith Design 

Ralph Lauren's home, from Architectural Digest
SMW Design, San Francisco
Denton Gardner, for Elle Decor

Actor, Matthew Goode

SMW Design, San Francisco
Glen Feshie Lodge, Elle Decor

Gant by Michael Bastian, Fall 2011

The new Ralph Lauren Restaurant in Paris

Roger Banks-Pye, from Inspirational Interiors

Decision . . .  decisions . . .

(Some of these have sources - unfortunately, many do not - if you happen to recognize one, let me know!)


quintessence said…
I LOVE every single image you posted here. Any of these rooms would be welcome additions to my dream abode - or wardrobe as in the case of that marvelous Ralph shot. Tough decision indeed!!
Daniel Shigo said…
Beautiful aria you are singing here Scot. Bravo!
What a feast for the eyes! You've chosen the best of the best!
Unknown said…
Great post. Such a nice combination of images.
Unknown said…

We question the choices yet we always make the perfect ones. Choices allow our minds a swim in freedom. However grand and numerous it's fantastic just like these great photos.

Splendid Sass said…
Beautiful post, Scot.
Love these images.
La Maison Fou said…
I loved this one Scot, I can so relate!
Denim or pearls, tweed or silk, descisions, descisions!
Can't we have both? I vote for that.
Unknown said…
Great group of photos. I love the lodge one with the hunter painting, the one with the horse paintings, and any with plaid.
I must be country. But it can't be too far from a grocery store to pick up tea & coffee, lol
Anonymous said…
Scot, Love all those photos. Of course I love all the SMW shots. Thanks for the Roger Banks-Pye shot. I forgot all about his tacked up fabric and the fabric rug on the floor. I especially love how you create dark rooms, but filled with light and light accents.
@Kevin - firstly - thank you. I do love when I have clients who will embrace the idea of one of those dark, moody rooms.

And, that Roger Banks-Pye bedroom is one of my most favourite spaces ever! The almost riot of pattern and texture - but yet, it still feels so calm and restful . . .
The French Maid said…
Oh...must we have to choose? Complete torture! However, the common element in all of these fantastic images is...the best of the best quality! Divine!
--Lee Ann
Rashon Carraway said…
I love all of these rooms. Granted I am a fan of dark and moody rooms.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting
As long as there is beauty, like in all these images, I am happy: town, country, colors, monochrome.
Always loved RL interiors and SMW also knows how to create beauty.
Neal said…
Scott, This is my favorite post you've done yet! I saved every image to my computer and plan to dole them out to my tumblr. You amaze and inspire all your readers. I also feel this dichotomy, being torn between country and city. Is it possible to love both equally?
May I add another either/or I struggle with? As a Southerner, I love American style, but as a lifelong Anglophile, I dream of a fairytale like Merrie England. I lived in London for a while after college. So, tell me, is it possible to wear cowboy boots and walk the corridors of Buckingham Palace? I suppose it's another case of fashioning personal style.
Neal said…
Oh Scot, I apologize for misspelling your name! Neal

No worries about the spelling - it's kinda common . . . lol.

Thanks for the sweet words - As a designer, I'm lucky. I can work in multiple homes, with a variety of clients, and thus can express differing aspects that inspire me.
OMG I LOOOOOVE every image you shows here...oooo I can stop look again and again..you have smae taste as I..sooooo happy happy that I found you..woaw congrats :)) have a lovely day/Marie
Anonymous said…
I say have them both - and Mathew Goode - too! KDM
Kasia _ JACOB said…
I love the Ralph Lauren collection. My last post is about his collection
spring 2011 - the interior.
Every beautiful interior is inspiring.
Regards Cathy :)

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