"Constant, Total Amazement . . . "

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, in "Joe Versus the Volcano"


You can file this one under - 'random thoughts.'  Below is possibly the most insightful 27 seconds in film history.

Starting to feel awake,


Anonymous said…
That is a wonderful scene, one of my favorites. Probably the best Hanks / Ryan movie too. Thanks for sharing a great random thought Scot.
So nice to see how Meg Ryan used to look before she ruined her face.
That is a GREAT random thought. I will think about this alot. And I agree with Susan about Meg's face:(
Susan said…
Thanks for this Gurdjieff ian reminder! Let's be in amazement and awe!
Spockgirl said…
I loved that movie... especially the luggage... and the shopping, if I remember it correctly.
Anonymous said…
Great clip from one of my favourite movies.
I adore the "old Meg Ryan" and can only echo the other commenters thoughts on how she looks nowadays.
It may sound conceited but I'd like to think I'm one of the few people who are awake, at least I'm one of the few who likes JVV.
It's nice to know there are other fans of Meg and this film.
Deborah said…
Dear Mr. State of Constant Amazement,

You made my day. You're the best.
It's just one of those kind of obscure films that has moments for great brilliance. I still remember seeing this when *i think* I was still in college. And loving it!
Karen said…
Some of the best comments/ideas can come from movies...I love the idea that we need to wake up and be amazed! Thanks,

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