"A Dark and Stormy . . . "

The Home of Darin Geise, from San Francisco Magazine
(photo credit - Philip Harvey)


Just wanted to share this new article from San Francisco Magazine - with beautiful images of the home of Darin Geise (with an excellent interview by Diane Dorrans Saeks).   You might recognize Darin's name from his amazing antique store Coup d'Etat.

Enjoy some amazing images of this gracious home . . .

And here's a shot of Darin - in his widely acclaimed room at the San Francisco Showcase House last summer.  A true talent.

Darin Geise
photo credit Moanalani Jeffrey for SFLuxe )


vignette design said…
The bedroom is divine! Love Darin Geise's style.
JWC said…
i love these rooms- especially this chair with the cornice and draperies around it- absolutely genius. So many times I just want to pull the drapes around a chair and not just a room. Love it.
Unknown said…
Beautiful rooms and such talent. I remember reading Diane's post and loving it.
Splendid Sass said…
Wow! Love his style.
I have been so starved for RED lately, and it is a welcomed delight! The richness and saturated colors of these rooms are delectable. Books, and leather and velvet.....
My Dear Scot!

How elegant is that??? Tres chic! I love it! And I mean it! ;-)

No socks for Darin Geise, huh? :-)

Come drop by my blog. It would be a honor seeing there.


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

Darin's home is wonderful....and I love the wall behind him in the last pic. Thanks for sharing these wonderful images.
Linda in AZ * said…
* Scot~ It is so funny that "Luciane" commented on the "no socks"... that's WHY "I" was going to comment tonight!!!! ... I wanted to ask "WHY"~~~ I mean, I've seen it before, and it ALWAYS looks so "odd" to me, and he seems to have such good taste OTHERWISE!

Best wishes,
Linda in AZ *
Kaffeslabberas said…
Nice place!
As a big fan of old studies..; those leather chairs, fireplace, and the old books.. I love that. :)
Beautiful images! Love the first picture!!! Yes, a real talent for sure!!!! Pinky
OK folks - let's try and stay 'on topic' here . . . lol . . . as a fellow member of the 'I hate to wear socks club,' I don't want this discussion to sway to the pro's and con's of sock wearing.

Let's try and focus our attention on this amazing home.

Unknown said…

Wonderful it's like time traveling and who doesn't love a bit of that.

Karen said…
In a current world of neutrals I never tire of seeing rooms layered layered with the beauty of color and fabrics that create a history to the room, hint and a interesting life! Thank you for sharing.
Great style, fabulous images and who does not love Diane Dorrans Saeks' writing...
dark and stormy.......apt description of such stunning rooms and my personal favorite look.
dark furniture, leathers, red walls (the perfect red) that golden glow from the lighting.....heavenly and a great send-off to england and scotland for more dark and stormy
cheers scott!
Michele from Boston said…
Absolutely LOVED the color combination in the living room and how the room, though full of antiques, was made contemporary by the choice of wallpaper pattern. Thanks for featuring! OK, so I saw that he was sock-less. But, I'm from Boston and right now it just looks...COLD (LOL).

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