"Crossing Boundaries . . . "

From House & Garden's "Book of Style"


Stairs.  A simple mathematical balance between 'rise' and 'run.' But a mysterious architectural feature.  The strict border between the public spaces - and the more private parts of the home.  The formality of an entryway - giving way to quiet rooms meant for slumber.  The stairwell offering slight glimpses of the unknown personal rooms.  So they can serve as a barrier - but can also be an invitation.  They're almost flirtatious.  

"the red petticoat"

Anne Miller, for House Beautiful
(Photo Credit - Eric Paisecki)

"the glimpse of stocking"

Courtney Daniels Haden, for Elle Decor
(photo credit - Simon Upton)

"the bare elbow"
Elizabeth Martin Design, New York Project

"the nape of the neck"
Windsor Smith, from House Beautiful
(photo credit - Victoria Pearson)

"an exposed knee"

Michael S Smith, for Architectural Digest
(photo credit - Scott Frances)

"cascading hair"
Eric Cohler, New York, NY

Miles Redd,  for Elle Decor 
(photo credit - William Waldron)

"the garter strap"
Phoebe Howard, East Hampton, NY Project


For the love of stairs! What inspiration on a snowy day in New England. I love the way you write, Scot, it always has me coming back.
Ok, Scot! You did it again!

Again.. a tres chic post! Gorgeous staircases!

Have a wonderful (and hopefully, sunny) day!


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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Design Elements said…
beautiful staircases...especially that one of Miles Redd.
@citypassion said…
I adore the way you organize a theme with delicious examples.
Unknown said…
I never thought of it as parts of a woman's body.....how seductive!
Unknown said…

Romancing the stairs...this is the month of wine, chocolates, roses, sweet whispers, stolen kisses, glimpses and glances. Passion...I heart  it! Great post.

Dumbwit Tellher said…
I like what said about stair being somewhat flirtatious, so true. Some just say follow me...

Lovely examples Scot.
Oh my! I can't take my eyes out that deep blue staircase carpet!
quintessence said…
Fabulous picks and fun flirtatious analogies!!
Karen said…
As a single story gal, wow! What great images of stair cases and I love your labels!
LadyeLisa said…
OMG . . . that first picture is amazing! So provocative and playful! Great post, Scot! I loves me some stairs.
I always love the stairs of old- front and center but even more so- steep back stairs of the old houses for maids and servants,lest they go detected on the front stair. I think the first is spectacular, is it a Diamond Baratta house?

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