"Let it Snow . . . "


Snow.  In San Francisco.  This weekend.  Or, at least that's what our weather forecasters are saying.  Which all sounds very exciting - except for the fact that I'll be in Los Angeles this weekend - and will miss it. Darnit.  lol.

As one would suspect, we don't get snow here very often - so I thought I'd share a few images of 'snow through the ages' from the usually temperate San Francisco.

For you locals here this weekend - bundle up!

1882.  Market Street.  Taken 24 years the 1906 earthquake.
(photo credit - SF Chronicle archives)
1887.  Intersection of Oak and Pierce.
(photo credit -
Freiermuth / Chronicle archives)
1887.  Shotwell Street (actually very near my current office!)
(photo credit - John Carpenter / SF Chronicle archives)
1951.  Laguna Honda Hospital.
(photo credit - Gordon Peters / SF Chronicle)
1951.  Near Dolores Park.
(photo credit - Duke
Downey / SF Chronicle)
1962.  Near UC Medical Center.
(photo credit - Mike Chapman / SF Chronicle)
1976.  In the Sunset District, near Lawton & 14th Avenue.
(photo credit - Clem
Albers / SF Chronicle)
1962.  San Francisco Airport.
(photo credit -
Aero Photographers / SF Chronicle)


(all images from SF Chronicle)


Blue Muse said…
That is so crazy! We just had hail in Coastal North San Diego County. It snowed a few years back at the Santa Monica pier... now snow in SF. So crazy
I love the photos! I wish I loved the cold - I love it from afar - through windows and in photos and postcards :)
xo Isa
Jeannine 520 said…
Thanks for posting these great pics, I've never seen them before now. I've been hearing about the snow in '76 all my life but was too little to really remember it. I can't wait till this weekend and will have my camera batteries fully charged and waiting!! Hopefully it stays on the ground long enough for me to get lots of pics (GG park, presidio, union square...), I'm sure I don't have the proper clothes for this weather. :-)
Anonymous said…
What wonderful images, I absolutely love "1951. Near Dolores Park", there is just something do perfect about it.
Angie said…
I can't wait! Of course, everyone talking about the snow coming probably jinxed it.
Kathysue said…
I am 45 miles northeast of you and we had snow last year on the foothills. so Crazy!! but fun at the same time. Last time I remember the snow sticking on the ground was about 20years ago. Crazy fun weather!! have fun in LA, KS
La Dolfina said…
I didn't know...
Thanks for head up and the amazing photos :)
Have a great trip!!
Pat McIntosh said…
Great photos Scot!! I'll be heading for the Oakland Hills with my dog, Lexie...camera in tow. I can already see this years Christmas Card!! Have a warm Southern California weekend!
Karen said…
How fun! I live in Southern California and would love a freakish day of snow.
Great vintage shots! Sorry, it's my fault; I brought the snow with me from NY on my first visit ever to Cali! Ug! Keeping my fingers crossed that I can fly out of San Diego on Saturday.
Claudia Juestel said…
What great images!

Let's just hope it remains a rare occasion, as getting up and down the hills could be a problem.



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