"Keep Calm . . . "

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Just taking a few moment - and a few images - to catch my breath.  It's been a busy few weeks.  Traveling for fun and for funerals.  New design projects in their early phases.  Existing projects in their 'final details' phase.  And a great turn-out for my Social Media Lecture at "Design San Francisco" this week - so, I need a little visual rest for a moment . . . join me in a deep, cleansing breath . . .

Jacqueline Derrey Segura, for House Beautiful
(photo credit-Simon Upton)

Tim Clarke Interior Design

Phoebe Howard

John Jacob Interiors, South Africa

From House Beautiful

Thomas O'Brien, from American Modern
(photo credit-Laura Resen)

Monelle Totah, for Elle Decor
(photo credit-Simon Upton)

Ralph Lauren, for Architectural Digest
(photo credit-Durston Saylor)

Michael S Smith, for Elle Decor  
(photo credit-Simon Upton)



@citypassion said…
Ahhhh. Serene interiors that aren't simply monochromatically theme-appropriate, they are all genuinely beautiful and inviting. I don't know how you do it, but your posts are a wee departure from the mainstream. You've replaced the newspaper when I pour my first cup of coffee on post days. Thank you.
Design Elements said…
wonderful images. this onre of Ralph Lauren is a dream. happy weekend!
Kathysue said…
beautiful rooms to rest the eyes!!! Just lovely,Kathysue
Beautiful photos, amazing how pictures can really transform and take us somewhere else even if its only for a few minutes. Great pictures, am a big fan of Phoebe Howard.
New to blogging and glad I found you!
Please visit me if you have a minute...its a blog about the building of our new home and my passion for decor/design!
Maggie O said…
Luv it! What a nice break...just the ticket. Loved them all.
Unknown said…
loving that tim carke kitchen- traditional, yet not boring.

did you video your talk? i'm doing a panel on the same subject in march, so i thought perhaps i could just cheat off your work... ;-)
M21 -

We did video the first session. Not sure what all we got - but, I'll let you know.

quintessence said…
I'm with Christian - love the kitchen - great combination of elements!
Phoebe Howards's room are always so serene.
designchic said…
Wonderful spaces for a cleansing breath...hope your week is wonderful!!
Antiqueaholics said…
I loved the Phoebe Howard bedroom. It has such beautiful calm, quiet colors. Just gorgeous.
serena said…
Trying to find your fb page... found your personal page I think. will look again - just checking your blog to see if there is a button. See, I learned something!
I love that Tim Clarke kitchen!
Emily Knight said…
Wow, love that John Jacob bathroom! All that greenery and sun, just like being outside! Love your blog!
Em at Luster Interiors

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