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I've always been fascinated by writers - and especially those fine people writing about interior design.  Their jobs just always sound SO exciting - setting new trends, compiling new interiors, really being on 'the inside' of interior design.  Though to be honest, many people that I meet say the same thing ("it sounds SO exciting!") about being an 'interior designer,' so I'm quite sure there's a certain amount of drudgery involved as well.  

One of the aspects of blogging community that I love - is a chance to peek behind that particular curtain - and there are several of my favourite writers and magazine editors that are sharing great information and inspiration on their blogs :

Dominique Browning - "Slow Love Life."  You must remember Dominique's name from her time as editor of the much loved House & Garden magazine.  (God, I STILL miss that magazine!)  I remember her letters from the editors were always gracious, insightful missives - and her blog feels the same way - beautifully written and  incredibly inspiring.

Clinton Smith - "Smith on Style."  Mr. Smith is the editorial director of one of my favourite magazines - Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles - and if this magazine isn't a regular part of your design reading, you are missing something amazing.  Clinton has just started blogging - and I'm excited to see the direction his new blog takes.

Margot Austin - "Margot Austin." From our friends up north, Margot is senior design editor at Canada's Style at Home magazine.  Clever.  Witty.  Fresh.  Inspiring.  

Crystal Gentilello - "Plush Palete."  Crystal is the force behind the very popular new e-magazine, Rue.  Even after only three issues, Rue is clearly off and running . . . And I love reading about Crystal's design inspirations that are a regular part of her blog.  Design.  Fashion.  Travel.  It's wonderfully girly - and a breath of fresh air!  

Ronda Carman - "All The Best."  A constant source of inspiration - and a virtual glossary of all 'the people to know' - Ronda brings her great knowledge and clear love of design to her blog.  She just completed a re-design of her blog - which I am loving!  And she's also just started writing as well for the Huffington Post - congrats!

Patricia Shackelford - "Mrs. Blandings."  Many times, I'll save reading "Mrs. Blandings" until the very end.  Almost like one would wait for dessert.  I love her beautiful, honest writing style and her wicked sense of humour.  Though I was sad to hear that she had recently moved - my second thought was, "Oh, the new house will be perfect fodder for the blog!  I can't wait to see what she does!"

Happy reading,


Mrs. Blandings said…
That may very well be the nicest thing anyone has said to me. Thanks, Scot, it means a lot.
Belle de Ville said…
I can't wait to read all of these.
And I too miss House & Garden.
Crystal @ Rue said…
Thanks for the shout out, Scot! I'm truly honored to be in such fabulous company!

Dumbwit Tellher said…
Great list Scot. All but two are regular reads; great writers indeed.

Cheers ~
quintessence said…
I'm with Deb - love the list and read all but 2, which I will be sure to check out since they are in such good company!! And - love the desk!!
Splendid Sass said…
Read all of these blogs and love each of them.
Such a beautiful post, Scot.
designchic said…
Such a great group of blogs...wonderful indeed!!
Scot I am truly touched and honored to be in such great company. What a wonderful surprise...you made my day! x
AlwaysMe said…
I think you may have missed one of my favorite design writers - Scot Meacham Wood. He is fabulous!!!
(I know you can't toot your own horn, so I'm here to do it for you)
Design Elements said…
Scot, they are all wonderful blogs. Love Mrs. Blandings' style of writing & seeing things...
Karen said…
Wow, I truly appreciate leads like this. Blogland is overwhelming and most of the time it's by accident that I find a site...like yours. In any event, it's so great to get some names/sites to peruse and since I love your site I imagine I'll love your recommendations.
Just a great list! And, I must agree about Mrs. Blandings ; )

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