"L.A. Story - Windsor Smith . . . "

Main Entrance,
Photo credit - Victoria Pearson for House Beautiful

Well - let's start our tour through some of my favourite Los Angeles designers with the perfect combination of style and charm.  Windsor Smith.  I had the great pleasure of meeting Windsor last year when I was down in Los Angeles - and I can assure you that her gracious designs are matched by her charming personality.  Her LA home was recently featured in House Beautiful - enjoy a peek into this glamorous space . . . bright.  balanced.  chic.

The Master Bedroom
“I found this amazing embroidered satin from Bergamo Fabrics and used 
it on the bed, to create a little jewel box,” Smith says. “And then I added 
that whimsical Italian mirror. It’s like a star hanging over us.”
- Windsor Smith

The Family Room

"For a dinner party, the chandeliers are lit very low, and all the silver sparkles. 
You feel as if you're eating in a fine restaurant, yet you're at home. 
People feel so relaxed. We linger for hours"
- Windsor Smith


images and text from House Beautiful.  Photo credit - Victoria Pearson


It is all very attractive. Dinner parties right by the stove could be fun, with the cook/waitperson not missing out on anything.
Splendid Sass said…
Love her work, and this is my all time favorite kitchen! Love.
Unknown said…
Love the kitchen what a great place for dinner parties
vignette design said…
I love her home, especially her kitchen. OMG! So wonderful. The entry is fabulous too.
Unknown said…
Scot! I love your style! When I first saw the image of the black and white foyer with hits of fresh green in House Beautiful, I fell head over heels:) And that kitchen with the large windows, GORGEOUS!

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