"Greeting from High Point . . . "

Greetings Indeed,

For those of you who have missed my little missives here at ye olde Tatanscot, I've spent the last several days touring the Spring Furniture Market at High Point, No. Carolina.  After a busy weekend of great inspirations and great friends - my gas tank is a little on the empty side (mainly from getting home around midnight last night) but, the memory card in my camera is full-to-bursting with images from my travels.

So - if you'll give me a few days to catch-up on some work here at the office - and begin to organize the numerous images from the trip - I'll have tons to share with you.

If you're too excited to wait for news of the new trends . . . just start thinking "colour" and you'll have a little head start.

See y'all back in a day or so,

(one of the main trials of traveling in the south these days is that it takes about 4 to 6 days for my accent to settle back to normal.  The poor lady at Starbuck's in San Francisco this morning couldn't understand me at all . . . lol)


Can't wait to see some of the pictures you took...I love High Point...but for me, it is only a 45 minute drive from my home in Chapel Hill.....and the Starbucks lady understands me when I order a latte!!...LOL!!

Glad you had a good time....
Sorry I missed seeing you in High Point. It's got to be "See all y'all... :)
Scribbler said…
After I returned to Alabama, my friends in other parts of the country can't understand me, either!
Can't wait! I love High Point market and Jim and I went every October when he was alive. I have good friends in the next town over who let me stay. Shiree'
I think they live in Chapel Hill. It's a bit of a drive but nice to be with friends. Shiree'
Brooke said…
sorry!! I think I am part of the southern twang issue... LOL

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