"Sunday Runway, Coming Attractions . . . "


If you watched Man Men last week - then you'll have non-linear story telling fresh on your mind.  Or maybe you were a fan of Lost. Or Doctor Who.  Well.  Regardless of your television watching habits - things are happening a little out of order around here today.

You see, I'm working on (and clearly thought I would have completed by now) a jaunty little post about the great trend I saw with 'colour' at High Point Market this last week.  My little digital camera is practically full-to-bursting with brightly printed textiles . . . and rooms saturated with bright hues.

And to accompany that - I put together little missive celebrating an equivalent trend in men's fashion.

Well, I think we can all raise a glass (or your morning cup of coffee - depending on when you wonder across this posting) to the best laid plans.  So . . . I now present . . . but, coming before the thing the it was going to reference . . .

Fashion.  in  colour.

It was almost like a knew what I was going to find at Market. Because this is a fun image that I took in my hotel room as I was getting everything unpacked.  I often pack with a particular colour-story in mind . . . and this one was clearly going to be navy sweaters - but, with great, bright accessories. 

an advert for Hackett of London's Spring collection.

Cashmere hoarding - from Ralph Lauren

Swinging for the fences - with a combo of bright and brighter . . . 

Or maybe something a tiny bit more subtle . . . .



Bruce Barone said…
And a green sweater for Prosperity!
Cool post! I actually have a Mad Men Cookbook giveaway on my blog now until next Sunday! Love that the show has such great men's fashion as well as the ladies! Have a great week!!
What a fabulous post! Oh I love all the color.. LOVE! Those polo sweaters are to die for, and the gentleman in the first image is just beyond awesome...
LOVE it!
Karena said…
Scot, color it is!! Even if you still have neutrals, one must pull in colorful pillows, painted furniture, and bright accessories!!

The 2012 Artist Series featuring Designer and Paper Artist Anita Rivera...(of Castles Crowns and Cottages)is on my site, please stop by! Her work is amazing!

Art by Karena
Merlin said…
SOCKS! Sock it to me!! franki
Maggie O said…
Argyle socks...just a hint but colouring it up just the same. However the legs on "fences" pic...oh my, and great outfit/colour too. Is this class or is this class!!
Beautiful post Scot! We're so excited to see beautiful Spring color. Love the orange pocket square from Paul Smith!
The Pink Pagoda said…
Just really loving all the color! The socks and the cable sweaters. Gorgeous!

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