"Sunday Runway, Of Wrists and Ribbons . . . "


The best part about living on this earth with myself for almost 50 years . . . is that I know a great deal about what makes me tick.  I know what makes me happy.  The things which make me cross.  And I know how much I'll begin to obsess about something as simple as a ribbon watchband.   I amuse easily.  I frustrate easily.  But, I obsess about things only with a certain amount of forethought.

You see . . . when I was a wee lad . . . well, more accurately, when I was in high school and college . . . I began to collect ribbon watchbands.  I had a simple tank-style watch and I would change my watchband every morning to match whatever I was wearing to class that day.

I had brightly striped bands of every imaginable colour combination.  Some purchased specifically for a particularly coloured sweater.  Or to match the hues of a favourite plaid shirt.  Or sometimes I would just buy them somewhat randomly . . . and they would sit idly in my bedside drawer until a certain morning arrived . . . and then - out it would come.  Perfect.  Resplendent.  Flawless.    

I can even clearly recall a particular watchband is a bright yellow and blue paisley silk . . . I think I had ordered it from Talbot's . . . that had a matching yellow and blue paisley bow tie.  I still remember the first time I wore it to church.  To say that I took a certain amount of pride in my wardrobe was somewhat of an understatement - lol.

But . . . after many years, and varying watch styles, apart . . . I've started back with these little treasures.  There's just something I love about greeting each new morning - and making a certain ritual out of choosing a watchband.  Thinking about the day.  And finding the perfect one.

Like any part of design . . . it's the almost microscopic details that make the magic.  The perfect tape trim running along the leading edge of a drapery treatment.  The hand-chosen fringe framing a pillow.  The sparkle of a chrome hinge on a french door.

My New Watch . . . 

So we're off again - and here's one of my new favourites.  Run through a simple Timex watch.  Grosgrain ribbon in a fancy shirting stripe.  Matching the various hues of a madras plaid patchwork shirt and charcoal cashmere cardigan.

It's only been a few days . . . and I've already purchased over a dozen watchbands.  As new obsessions go, it's a good start.

- If you want to start your own collection . . . check with Brooks Brothers or even J. Crew.  Both have a nice selection in their stores.



Reggie Darling said…
Love this post, Scot -- the photographs are terrific, the styling is even better, and the arc is pefect! It almost makes me want to run out and buy a watch that I can wear with ribbon bands again...
lab10 said…
I've been trying to find some new ribbons for my watch..I have a few solids. Can you share some of your favorite places to buy them? I've had a hard time finding them! THanks!
lab10 -

You can find them at Brooks Brothers and also J Crew.

I love.

I've been looking for belts like that for the summer.
Karen said…
I loved the grosgrain ribbon bands when they were popular in the late seventies...wait, did I just age myself. I was a mere child back then!
You are wonderful! I can so relate to your first comments! I love the idea of choosing the perfect ribbon every day. Cheers to you! N.G.
Merlin said…
Timeless!!! franki
Ann said…
My husband wears the third one everyday with a vintage watch that was given by my uncle. The things are wonderful for sporting (washable band, hurray) and even for not!
Great styling! Love your photos. I am a ribbon watch fan from way back too. Used to buy them from a store called Roderick St. Johns in Cincinnati when I would go in with my father, who shopped exclusively at that store.

Bought the Timex Weekender at Gracious Home in NYC and then at my Target found several more watchbands. There is a Buffalo mens store online that has a large variety, O'Connell's ( http://shop.oconnellsclothing.com/search.php?q=watchband&search.x=0&search.y=0) in Buffalo, they even have them in gingham, which I had in several colors in when I was in high school.
Brion R. Judge said…
Another great source for Nato (ribbon) straps is J.Press (www.jpressonline.com) and Texas Strap Co. (www.texasstrapco.com) has some very good James Bond styles and a wonderful Red, White and Blue one.
Brion R. Judge said…
Right, almost forgot, The Knottery (www.theknottery.com), a great source for knit ties recently startes carrying Nato straps too, in some very nice colour combinations.
Fred Gonsowski said…
I was really inspired by your post, and today I stopped at Brooks Brothers in the Berkshires (Lee, Massachusetts) and bought two straps. Now I have to go out and find a watch face that I like. The start of a new collection ;-}
notanymore said…
You ca never have enough grosgrain NATO straps...
Windlost said…
gorgeous - i cannot agree with you more - they are so smart and witty and casual chic. I just love them! I have a couple of wonderful old, very good watches that need an update - what a great idea for summer.

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