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Well, well, well.  We're just kinda pleased as punch to share a few images of one of our recently completed projects here at the office.  At first glance through these images, you might not immediately realize that these are all part of an extensive commercial project that we've been working on for the last 3 years.

One of the main reasons that I was brought into the project was that after the original build-out had been completed, it still had a uniquely 'commercial' vibe to the space.  Some of the textiles were a little too 'contract.'  The colour story was certainly too safe.  And because most of my experience had been in residential work - they needed me to bring that certain 'home' feeling to the office. 

This was not going to be one of the often-spoken of high-tech offices - the ping-pong tables and a walk-by juice bar.  No.  We wanted something much more sophisticated.  More luxurious.  Reception areas that were completely free of any sense of 'lobby.'  Good business is all about creating trust and friendship.  And creating that 'environment' has been a delight.  

Enjoy . . . 

Check back in over the next few weeks . . . as we continue sharing images from this excited project.



Oh Scot, what beautiful work. Love everything, the rugs, the tables, the seating. Just gorgeous. Congrats on a job well done. Shiree'
Your project looks anything but "contract commercial" Nice job.
Unknown said…
Congratulations! This looks beautiful.
Everything is wonderful, all the small touches and high windows but what caught my eye and made me feel a bit envious was the rugs. I want all of the rugs :)
Anonymous said…
can you share where you found that gorgeous Louis Philippe mirror?er
katiedid said…
Bravo! Looks very cozy. The clients may never leave! My fave photo is the first one. I could sit here all day with a book and a cuppa tea.
Beautiful. Doesn't feel commercial at all. And that first photo with the built-in banquette is awesome. I'd love to have something like that tucked in a corner of my kitchen.
Anonymous said…
Very nice job, Scott! Love the banquette. You certainly made it homey and not at all "stiff" and office-like. I'm certain that your clients are very pleased.
Scot- Fantastic work as always. Can't wait to see more! Congratulations on your great project.
Anonymous said…
Omigosh! What a lovely job!!

thirty years ago; I did my one and only Commercial job in downtown Los Angeles! (I had done his house; he called and said he needed two offices; a conference room.....and a reception area in 3 weeks!'

He wanted a "residential feel" as he said; "I want it to look like my club in New York; ' The Brook'"!!!

I will blog post the rest! But it is amazing how often.....an office that doesn't "feel" like an office is necessary and successful!


Merlin said…
Lori said…
How about what a space like this does for employee morale! Who wouldn't be excited to spend time in such a beautiful environment. Extraordinary job.
P.S. What kind of fabric was used for the drapes in the 2nd image? It's kind of breaking like silk,is it?
Karen said…
Absolutely wonderful. I wish my office had this level of comfort. I wouldn't have known this was an office at all, had you not told us.
Hey everyone,

Thank you for all of the kind feedback and responses. Let me answer a few questions that have been asked.

Lori - The textile on the study window treatment is a cotton/silk blend. It has a beautiful heavy hand to it - and drapes marvelously.

ER - the Louis Phillipe mirror was from one of our local antique stores here in San Francisco - Antique and Art Exchange.

For those of you who have commented about the amazing collection of rugs - they were resourced from Stark Carpet and Aga John here in SF.

diane said…
I wish more businesses would take heed...this looks like not only a lovely place to work but also a place for clients to feel comfortable, protected and secure. Is this a law office?

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