"Jaunty . . . and Joyus . . . "


A few weeks back - my good friends over at Joyus.com called to see if I wanted to take part in a little challenge that they were hosting.  And you know I ALWAYS love a little challenge - lol.  They were inviting several designers and design bloggers (two groups that I'm completely delighted to be included in!) to visit their studio.  We were all given the same empty, blank space.  And also all given the same collection of various furniture pieces, lighting, and accessories from H.D. Buttercup.  What follows is a great variety of styles and ideas from an amazing collection of folks here in the bay area.

Take a look at the process . . . log in - and lend me a vote - and be in the running for a $1500 shopping spree from Joyus.com.

Here's a little peek at the process . . .

One of my first inspirations for the space was light.  The studio had these amazing skylights and exposed venting - so I positioned the mirrors to capture all the light . . . and reflect the amazing architecture of the ceiling.  After that, I wanted to keep the colour story fairly simple.  A charcoal grey velvet sofa.  A beautiful greek-key inspired over-sized cocktail table.  I wish the rug had been a bit larger - but, I was working with only the items that we had to chose from.

An over-view of the space. 

Layering accessories and colours.  

Of course, I had to create a gallery wall . . . lol . . . I mean seriously!  But, I needed to balance the collection of artwork on the back wall with a much simpler art display behind the chair. 

Thank heavens Joyus had provided fresh flowers for us to chose from . . . nothing brings a space to life faster than the perfect posies!  

All in all - I had a great time . . . and it was fun to be on camera again after my adventures with the Dog Show a few months back.

If you have a moment - I could use a vote or two . . . lol . . . I'd kinda forgotten about working on this . . . and now I'm WAY behind in the voting . . . lol.




diane said…
Beautifully done Scot and I will be sure to cast a vote. Just one thing....I would have used that red nailhead stool as an end table next to the patterned chair...it just looks crowded over there and it would have brought some red to that corner of the room. But, then again, you didnt ask for critiques, did you? I will cast my vote right now...good luck!
Patty Logan said…
No Question! Yours was the best space! Just voted,,I think? Maybe I need to do it again...Dog show?
Just voted a bunch of times which seems silly that should be allowed but anyway...I did.
Hands down, yours is the best one. The placement of the mirrors makes all the difference - instant windows and immediate dimension to the white box. bravo.
YONKS said…
You get my vote Scott, good job!
Linda Leyble said…
You're THE BEST! I voted for you. How many times can I vote? I will do it as many times as I can!

Anonymous said…
Loved your room. Especially the books & candles on the table. The chair & lamp, oh well, I loved everything. Please say you are putting pics on pinterest....I ned them for my Home in the City spoof (SF).
Carolann Sinclair
This is totally crazy...I'd thought about asking you to do the same thing with me and another designer. Thinking isn't doing alas ha ha. Great enthusiasm on your video. BTW, I think you owe us a visit at Joy of Nesting ahem! Nice work Scot. Shiree'
PS...casting my vote. Shiree'

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