"Antiquing at High Point Market . . . "

The Antique & Design Center, High Point Market

Well, we've gotta start somewhere.  If you've been keeping up with me either here or here . . . then you're well aware of the fact that I had the great pleasure to attend High Point Furniture market over the last several days.

And I'll own-up to the fact that I arrived the tiniest bit unprepared.  It was almost like not being prepared at all . . . lol.  Having never been before, it seemed so pointless to set an agenda.  How DOES one plot a course through 10 million square feet of showplaces?  So . . . I did the thing I most often do when I'm traveling abroad.  I made a few key appointments. Checked the friends to see what they might recommend.  But, decided to let the lion's share of the weekend just happen organically.

I do pretty well when I'm just wandering.  And I tend to find some fairly amazing sights.  And it's true whether I'm in London, New York, San Francisco - or even better yet - High Point, North Carolina.

Because who might have guessed that in the back of the Market Square Building . . . past the vendors showing everything from pastel butterfly prints to leather sectionals . . . that there was an AMAZING antique collective.  With dealers from all around the southeast and from all across the country.

from Acquisitions, LTD in North Carolina
I found Acquisitions, LTD - based in North Carolina - with a parade of wondrous English and French pieces - furniture, decorative items - even that amazing collection of toys.  And you know I can't pass up a chance at a tartan dresser.  I mean, really . . .

from Acquisitions, LTD in North Carolina
Another great shot of the pieces from Acquisitions - tons of writing boxes and sporting equipment . . . and even better - they have a great website - just click the link on the caption.

Ok.  I need to apologize in advance.  I was walking through the stalls . . . and saw this beautiful chair (loving the upholstery textile!) and desk . . . took a picture . . . and can't for the life of me remember the name of the dealer.  My hope is that someone reading might recall - just leave it in the comments and I can update the post.

- UPDATE - according to one of my eagle-eyed readers, she thinks these amazing pieces are from Pink Door Antiques in Greensboro, NC.  Thanks!

from Tusk Old World Antiques
The gang over at Tusk Old World Antiques had an amazing collection of antler mounts.  If you click through the caption - you can contact them about their pieces.

from Craig Ringstad, Fairway KS
This was one of those "checking with friends to see what they might recommend" moments!   Julia Noran from Editor at Large flagged me down - with the urgent news that there was this amazing guys with a HUGE collection of tartanware pieces for sale.  So with a quick check on my map - and a 'thank you' hug to the delightful Julia - off I went.

And Craig Ringstad did not disappoint.  Great pieces - both large and small - and some amazing rare specimens that I've never seen before.  So I had to snap a few shots . . . enjoy . . .

from Craig Ringstad, Fairway KS

from Craig Ringstad, Fairway KS
But - easily the best part of my afternoon of shopping was the company.  You see . . . as I was heading off to shop - I ran into the ever-delightful Patricia Shackelford.  And she was totally game to take part in this completely rudder-less adventure.

And a better shopping companion could never be found.  Good times.

More to come,


Can't wait to hear and see more! Your comment the other day regarding the accent was priceless also. Having just spent a long wknd back in ATL, I instantly became southern again. It was a seamless and comforting slide right back into that drawl, like a pair of perfectly worn leather shoes...

xoxo, mrs. V
Anonymous said…
I believe that the dealer you could not remember is the Pink Door owned by Glen Lavinder from Greensboro NC
Pigtown*Design said…
Haha! I saw these tartan pieces and immediately thought I should tell you about them. And just as immediately was distracted by something else and forgot!
Pigtown -

There are WAY too many distractions (both in product and people) at High Point. I'm still realizing the great number of folks that I never even had a chance to see - and product lines (that I LOVE) that never seemed to get on my schedule.

oh scott that tartan chest and tartan ware are spectacular. hoping the chest went to your home!
Ohhh, ahhh...antiquing at it's best! My kind of place.
How were prices? Were people buying for resale?
Mrs. Blandings said…
Having a partner in rudderless crime was the best part of the trip. (And I'm doubly impressed that you have a post up already; all I have are pile of business cards and unattended laundry.)

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