"SMW Design Premieres, Pt. 2 . . . "

SMW Design, San Francisco, CA


I thought I'd share a few more images of a project that we recently completed here at SMW Design.  As with the images I had posted earlier, this is actually in an office in Northern California.  Inspired by the lush green woodland nearby . . . and the clear, bright blue sky . . . the room needed to feel as broad and expansive as the outdoors.  But, with all the comforts of home.

One of the main functions was to entertain.  To sit and relax.  Even in the bustling business world, it's all about personal relationships.  And we needed to the space where those particular personal conversations can take place.  There are formal offices and conference rooms on site as well, but I love these more personal rooms.  

Enjoy . . .

A grand room - but, inspired by the more humble Arts & Crafts movement. 

There's just something amazing about a long series of doorways.  

Lush greens and olives contrasting with bright, clear blues . . . wrapped in masculine wood grains and leathers. 



Unknown said…
Cozy and inviting! A wonderful space!!

You've made that Rose Tarlow table even more beautiful! Bautiful project Scot!

Bubble and Squeak
The office is amazing...what a wonderful environment you created...that hallway of doorways is one gorgeous sight to see....
So much rich wood, I love it. And I always love a masculine room.
Brion R. Judge said…
Scot this space is superb, well done sir, well done indeed.
This is so Scot's style, refined, rich and warm...beautiful. I love that large corridor and the details.
Vickie H. said…
Oh, so SUBLIME!!!
Paisley Curtain said…
This is an absolutely stunning space, so unlike an office space. Envy the people who work there :)
Susie said…
Love that room Scott. Hard to believe it's an office. Smiles, Susie

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