"National Tartan Day - 2012 . . . "

Bruce Campbell, at Edinburgh Castle


As per our usual around here . . . the blessed date of April 6th has finally reared its plaid head on this morning's calendar . . . and there was great rejoicing as National Tartan Day once again dawns brightly in the east.  And though the holiday was originally marked for those if us with Scottish blood to celebrate our heritage . . . as also per usual . . . we're just going to just be a little more literal - wallow in plaids and tartans around here.

Get a fresh cup of Scottish Breakfast tea . . . and let's get ready to get tartan . . . 

my home - from Rue Magazine, Holiday 2010 . . . 
from here. 
Ralph Lauren Fall Collection, 2012

SMW Design, Nob Hill
SMW Design, San Francisco
Ralph Lauren Home Collection, 2010

vintage Doc Martens.
SMW Design, Holiday 2011 . . . 
The ever edgy . . . and endlessly stylish Nick Wooster.

Anthony Baratta, New York
An image of last holiday season . . . from my own home here in San Francisco
the Scottish.  In space . . .
I dunno, just because . . . lol.
My own little home . . . from Christmas 2011. 
Alan Cumming . . . striding in great style.

The Royal Highland Hotel, Inverness Scotland. 

The always ubiquitous tartan sheep . . . 
And a friendly reminder about my 'all tartan, all the time' sale over on One Kings Lane today . . . hop over and have a look . . . !


Great post...very playful. love the carpet in the Scottish hotel.
Turling said…
Oh, tartan ties, me needs them.
Lisa Porter said…
Good Tartan Day to you Sir. Good Friday to you too! Have a great weekend Scot!
xo Lisa
vignette design said…
And a happy Tartan Day to you Scot! Love all your tartan images. Can't wait for OKL to open! ~Delores
Tiffany Kadani said…
Men in tartan? I can't... I just can't stop staring. Nothing is hotter than that.
Why the heck did I not stay in the Highland Hotel when I was in Inverness? Looks beautiful.
Was looking forward to your post today and I must say you have truly outdone yourself. I am in love with the interior shots, o.k. and a few of the men too! I posted another interior shot on Pinterest today in honor as well. Cheers ~Jen
Slim Paley said…
Happy Tartan Day to you Scot!
I will pull out some bit of tartan to wear as an homage today .
and there's that wonderful Nick Wooster again!

PS. I bet the "Scottish Spaceman" was at "Comicon" I recognize the "ambience" as we've taken our sons to it several times. Our one son even dresses up-
Bless all the nerds-they're our sweetest people!

Happy Easter,
Slim Paley.
Look at Alan Cummings, all cute. The shirtless shots are tongue in cheek but I'm really complaining. An all around inspirational post Scot. Shiree'
...not complaining rather.
Happy Tartan Day All!

and Shiree . . . too funny!
Sarah said…
Oooo, I love me some tartan...and I have lots of Scottish (not to mentino Irish, English and Welsh)blood coursing through my veins as my mother was born in Greenock...;-)) xo
Happy Tartan Day! We need more men in kilts.
Karen said…
Happy Tartan day! Great images.
Unknown said…
Big fan of tartan plaid. Happy Easter Weekend!
Vickie H. said…
OMG! I LOVE YOUR POSTS!!!!! I could re-pin every shot!!!
That photo of the tartan runner is amazing! We'd like to feature it on our blog, celesteandpearl.blogspot.com, with a link to yours.

Cheers and thanks for the beautiful inspiration!
xox Liz and Lo {celesteandpearl.blogspot.com}

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