"Tartan Revisited . . . "

from Rue Magazine, Holiday 2010
(image by tinywater photography)


If by some odd chance you're just returning from a desert island . . . and you've missed the various reports . . . I'm having a sale over on One Kings Lane this weekend in celebration of National Tartan Day (April 6th).  Whenever one is selling items that have been part of one's home, it's a struggle.  Much like a favourite house guest that's stayed a bit too long - you're glad to see them go.  But, you'll miss them.  So, in memory of things past . . . I'd love to give you a little history on a few pieces that are for sale . . . 

The Oval-Backed Chairs

My little house, last year at Christmas. 

I feel like everyone knows and loves those little oval-backed chairs upholstered in Diamond and Baratta tartan.  When we were getting ready to shoot the house for Rue Magazine in 2010 - two of the chairs that were supposed to be in my dining room were damaged in shipping . . . and these two little darlings were quickly upholstered and added to the mix of chairs.  

Here they are on the far side of the table . . . from another dinner party that same holiday season.  They're incredibly comfortable, even during long dinner parties . . . with a charming blue linen-velvet upholstered in the seat.  Because of their smallish size, they could be adorable in a bedroom - or you could use them as I did in your dining room. 

The Chartreuse Arm Chairs

I actually found these at an auction years and years ago and spent a small fortune having them restored.  They've been in the house in some form or another ever since.  In the early days, when I photographed my home for Ronda Carman . . . ta-da - there they are - still upholstered in foliage printed velvet with their original caned side panels.

But things rarely stay the same around my little house . . . 

So here they are . . . half-way to being re-imaged in bright chartreuse silk.

And now ready for pick-up and delivery to the house from my upholstery shop. 

The Tartan Tea Service

Like most everything else in my home . . . this one has great memories attached to it as well.  You see, I was in England, Wales, and Scotland in the Spring of 2002 for a month-long vacation.  It was one of those trips where I just began dog-earring pages in all my favourite travel books . . . and then figured out a route that would take me to each of them.  London.  Glouster.  Chester.  York.  Edinburgh.  Aberdeen. Inverness.  And so on.  But, the day I was supposed to leave York and head north to Scotland, there had been an over-night storm that had closed most of the train service - and one could only travel in case of emergencies.  (well, my emergency was that a small antique store in Edinburgh had this tea service on hold for me - I had been speaking with them via phone for months)  So, I kinda fibbed a little.  And boarded a bus from York going north.  Needless to say . . . this little tea service has served me well for many years.  I bough several pieces that day - so don't fret - I still have plenty of reminders of that trip at the house.

The Framed Hunt Scenes
Another pile of fond memories.  I found this charming collection of framed hunt scenes when I was with my mother . . . traveling through southern Alabama on one of our famous antiquing trips.  Mom would sometimes pick me up from the airport in Jackson, Mississippi - and we wouldn't drive north towards our home . . . but, we'd head east to Alabama to antique shop for three of four days.  The long drives in the car gave us a great chance to chat and catch-up . . . and our chatter would be punctuated with stops in Daphne or Foley, Alabama to search for antiques that neither of us needed - but, both of us found great pleasure in shopping for.  As I've often said, I firmly believe there is a 'shopping gene' . . . and it runs on my Mom's side of the family.  

The Tartan Arm Chairs

These are a little hard to part with too . . . but, I'd love to see them go to a new home . . . and be part of new celebrations each holiday season.   Like my other two arm chairs, these used to be upholstered in a somber black leather with tweed backs.  Until two years ago . . . when the house practically exploded with colour for the Rue Magazine shoot.   I could see these as part of a beautiful entry way, maybe flanking an antique console . . . 

There's my good friend William and me . . . from the Rue holiday shoot. 

So . . . if you haven't had a chance to hop over and peruse through our little One Kings Lane sale . . . there are many things to chose from - and give a tartan chair a good home.


(all items were still available for sale at the time of this posting) 


Karena said…
Scot, I adore the Diamond and Baratta chairs!! I will head over to take a look at your sale!

Art by Karena
You can't possibly be changing up your home with less plaid, are you? that would be positively criminal. I adore your style and find such comfort in it :) Good luck with your sale.

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