"Plaid is the New Black . . . "


Okay.  Seriously.  Could I *be* any more excited about the great photo shoot in the newest issue of Rue Magazine?  Y'all should all know by now much I love the holiday season - and entertaining at my home - and to have Rue capture the fun - "thank you" does not begin to cover it . . .

Please click over to enjoy the complete new issue  (with a 19 page spread of my place dressed for the holidays on page 238) . . . or - maybe THIS will entice you even more . . .



Unknown said…
I wrote the piece and pored over every last detail in your gorgeous home. Congratulations on the incredible feature!
Janet said…
I thought I loved the Rue spread, but the video makes me giddy. Loved both!! ;)
Linda in AZ * said…
* Oh how delightfully individual... it's all so crisp, new, fun and "unique", which I ADORE! I loved it all!

SOOOO, mannny thanks for sharing this, Scot! I just bought a wonderful mix of 12 Ralph Lauren, plaid, salad plates & have been playing w/ fun ways to do something reeeally different this year... you got me going here, ESPECIALLY as I started "collecting" antique staghorn flaware, old antlers, etc, while living 18 years in and all over Europe... & wow, it's all really "come together" over the years, and I love it... and so does my husband!

There's ONE THING that could make my "Mad for a Tux & a Plaid" dinner party even MOOOORE FAB, & that would be if the guys would wear a tux... annnd, wear it with the flair THESE gentlemen do!!! (Never gonna happen, but I can WISH!)...

Thanks again... this was faaaabulous, dahlink!
Linda in AZ *
Oh my gosh, that video! Love the brief foray into the Ramones, hee hee. Your home looks absolutely gorgeous Scott. Love the RL glasses, the plates, the tree, the kilts...it's all just sublime! Congratulations!

Splendid Sass said…
Such a beautiful piece in Rue. Your home is absolutely over-the-top gorgeous. Saw a little Ralph in there! Rue did a great job and presented your home beautifully!
La Dolfina said…
Simply amazing, there aren't words to describe all the amazingness!!!
Your place is so inviting and over the top cozy. I adore it!!
Congrats although I think they were the lucky ones to get YOU!!!
I could watch that video over and over again. So fun. Absolutely well done. Have you noticed, I can't seem to stop raving!!!
Love this photo- men in tuxedos can do no wrong, but the Kilted Mister takes the day. pgt
Where to start? The photo of the you and the men is so fantastic and the video...super fun!

I adore your tree, as it has 2 of my favoite colors together aqua and red. This year I purchased black & red plaid ribbon in Williamsburg. Pondering something new...is this the inspiration I needed? Although there is no way I could pull this off...your home is so stunning! Can we talk about the murals? To die for.

A big congrats to you and Rue!!!
Loving it all, of course!
LURVED this shoot -- oh the tartans, oh the dapper gents, 'tis the season!
Cheers, Alcira

Unknown said…
what a dashing pictures of you and your lads, and congrats on the feature scot- well done!
Mrs. Blandings said…
The whole shoot is fantastic, but this picture was worth any bit of trouble.
@Patricia - I've been trying all day to remember *what* it was that Anne Sage had said that just broke everyone into laughter!

I also recall an early conversation with Anne while we were still organizing the shoot - "As long as we're having a great time at the shoot - the pictures will be amazing."
John J Tackett said…
While I cannot appreciate black-tie-but-no-socks past college age, the kilt as formal wear is very stylish indeed.
Looks like a well-dressed group having way too much fun! The spread was fabulous and I posted about it today telling readers to have a tartan theme party, wear tuxes, but no socks please. If they are as cool as you. Always nice to see people having fun. Congratulations!
Krisztina said…
This is a very good picture and the video also liked!
More wonderful week!
This was FANTASTIC!!!!! It sure looks like everyone has a wonderful time at your parties!! I love the tuxes, especially with no socks...a great look!!!! Love your plaid dishes too...so PERFECT for the holidays!!!! Thanks for sharing this! XO, Pinky
Rashon Carraway said…

When I perused Rue this morning I was certainly impressed. It was a great photo shoot. Everything translated well.

Reggie Darling said…
What a great post, and what a marvelous piece in Rue, thanks for sharing it. You all look most elegant! Reggie approves. RD
Pigtown*Design said…
it could not be better! good on ya, mate!
This is a very good picture and the video also liked!Fantastic party!
More wonderful week!
Daniel Shigo said…
Superb photo! You look like you are having the time of your lives. And the spread in Rue is inspiring. Wishing you wonderful Holidays.
Anonymous said…
FABulous work. BRAVO.

HOPElessly in love with the windowpane plaid shawl-collared dinner jacket worn by the gentleman on the far right, how in the world may I come by that jacket, I must have it [to wear myself].

Whatever you want from me for the information on that jacket, it is yours.

Happy holiday weekend to you. F.
vignette design said…
Saw this on Rue. Couldn't believe my eyes! How excited are you. Where to start: all of you are so GORGEOUS in your tuxes. And all that tartan plaid...
Seriously, I have watched the video at least five times.
Anonymous said…
Dear Scot, It is all fantastic, unbelieveably great. You look so handsome and what a great bunch of great looking men. Cary Grant would fit right in, and have a ball too with all of you! Best, Joyce
Carol said…
I can't stop thinking about your home. It is stunning and welcoming and cozy. Love the hallway with the bench of tartan blankets and the way you hung the pictures. Would love to see photos of how you may changes things out according to seasons or do you keep it as is (which is perfect IMO!).
I spent a good bit of time checking out ruemag yesterday and my favorite was your place. It is so wonderfully cocoon-like and I adore the large paintings.
ugh. i just loved this spread. like seriously. LOVED! xoxo
La Boheme said…
Congratulations on the feature Scott! So cool to see you in Rue! Your place looks amazing!! xo
It's absolutely terrific! Great looking men + gorgeous interiors+ well set table= heaven!
I sooo love this photo Scot!!! Can't wait to see you next week.
Claudia Juestel said…
Just read through the 20 pages tartan on Rue. Congratulations on a very impressive spread! Your home and all the details look stunning,



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